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Experience Exotic Cruise for Your Honeymoon

Usually, after the big wedding ceremony some couples were feeling so tired and really.. really need a relief and relaxing moment together. That's why they really need a special honeymoon. Well, honeymoon is not always perfect, but if you want to take some time to search for information and make a plan about the destination, how, and how much it will spend, your honeymoon is going to be fantastic. The most important thing is that you'll do it with all your sincerity and love for your bride. Why bride? Usually the man or groom make the plan for their honeymoon and for a surprise too. But nowadays, many couples make the plan together. So, how about choosin
g a cruise for your honeymoon ? Never been cruising before? it's okay, you will experience one. I think it will be interesting and exciting if you experience your first cruise with your spouse.

So if you'd like to have a different experience on your honeymoon, try the exotic cruise destination. Whether you choose a cruise around Caribbean, Hawaii, or if you have guts try the South Asian Destination like in Raja Ampat, Papua - Indonesia. Raja Ampat in Indonesia has currently become one of the hottest diving and cruising destination on earth. Amazing marine biodiversity and untouched landscapes combined with world class scuba diving make these largely uninhabited islands the world’s last diving frontier. Raja Ampat is one of my country's heritage. If you love diving, you may experience the different atmosphere of under water life in Raja Ampat, with an enormous variety of creatures on the reefs and marine biodiversity.

The cruise is take about 11 to 12 days on board. Starting from Sorong to Kri Island, Waigeo Island group, Kawe Island, Waiag and Southern Islands, Manosuar Island, Batanta Island, Wai Island and arrive back in Sorong. You may check the itenerary from Kararu Dive Voyage's website. You will be escorted from the Sorong airport once your aircraft is arrived straight to the ship. You will experience the local friendliness and exotic cuisine during the voyage. Take a chance to scuba-diving and enjoy the sunset at the exotic site.

If you'd like to have a cruise for your honeymoon, you have to make sure about the itenerary. Some ships offer activities during the voyage, some have a formal shows or concerts. You have to spend more time to search the information. A few tips for honeymoon cruise :
  • If you choose to take a cruise in South East Asia, the best time for cruising is from November to March because the climate of most South East Asian's country are humid tropical and hot, you have to overcome the rainy season and subject to monsoon rains in July to October.
  • Choose the highest affordable cabin category and request an upgrade if available. The inside cabins are least expensive but if you are a claustrophobic please do not take this cabin. They have no windows. The higher the deck, the higher the cruise cabin price.
  • Charge all cruise travel on a credit card, if they don't take the credit card leave it, find another one. Always make a copy of your ATM or Credit Card both sided, just incase if you've lost one.
  • Bring the small umbrella, you never know when the rain will pour. Especially in tropical country.
  • And don't forget to bring your camera or camcorder. You won't miss the memory of your special trip, right ?
When considering a cruise honeymoon, look for a cruise line that meets your demographics as a couple. Most honeymooners don’t want to cruise on a ship filled with kiddies or seniors (unless they are seniors). Ask about special discounts or cruise amenities for honeymooners. Request dinner seating with other honeymoon couples. Take advantage of luxury and pampering with leisurely champagne breakfasts (lunch or dinner) in bed. Book a couple’s massage. This is your special time; make the most of your honeymoon cruise. Have a great honeymoon, guys.

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