Three most Amazing Underwater Hotels

Hydropolis Need some suggestions for amazing honeymoon destination? Try visiting underwater hotels. There are at least five amazing and ...


Love At Santorini Greece

If you ever watched a Taiwanese series "Love at the Aegean Sea" you will discover the beauty of Greece and Santorini is in the Southern of the Aegean Sea about 200 km Southeast from Greece's mainland. You will fall in love with Santorini instantly with magnificent 4000 years of great history and the eternal rock. For honeymooners, this place is perfect, with the romantic scent of mediteranian sea and fabulous scenery, friendly and warm people, and delicious and authentic food, Santorini is a wonderful destination for your honeymoon weeks.

Destination to choose in Santorini

Almost every place in Santorini is special, you have to stay there at least one month to visit all the places and never get bored. But if you do not have plenty of time, Fira and Oia are the must seen places in Santorini.

Fira santoriniFira the capital city of Santorini, sits on the edge of the crater, 900 feet above the old port. Access to the original port was by 800 winding steps down from the capital. If you want to go down you can ride donkey or cable car. Fira is the largest town on the island. There are numerous shops, restaurants and bars, as well as the start of an amazing coastal walk leading up to Firastefani & Imerovigli. Fira is also the centre of all buses and taxis. Firostefani is a quieter part of the town, 1km from Fira, joined by the picturesque walkway along the edge of the caldera. It has its own centre with restaurants, cafes and a few shops, and is a perfect place for someone who wants the convenience of Fira without crowds ideal for honeymooners who love to have the romantic and quiet time.
Beside Fira you have to visit Akrotiri, Emporio, Episkopi Genias the village was built at the end of the 11th century by the Byzantine emperor Alexios Komnenos and Messa Gonia a village full of traditional architecture

For museum lovers there are :
Archaeological Museum in Fira Finds from the excavation of ancient Thira & the island.
Open Daily 0830-1500 (Excluding Mondays).
Admission Fee: 3 Euros
Museum of Pre-historic Thira / Fira
Exhibiting artefacts of ancient Thira, the geology and the history of Santorini.
Open Daily, 08.30 - 15.00 (Excluding Mondays).
Admission Fee: 3 Euros
and many more. Santorini is rich of museums you will have a place to visit everyday.

There are many festivals too in Santorini like :
International Music Festival
Renowned artists come from all over the world to perform at Nomikos Conference Centre, Fira (1st week of September, 16 days long)

Kamari Sea Feast
The 4-days festivities start from August 15th and include live concerts on Kamari Beach and a traditional bazaar with food and wine at the village of Episkopi

Ephesteia Festival
Last 2-3 days in mid August, in Fira. Reproductions of local customs, Santorinian wedding, concerts, traditional dancing and a figurative volcanic eruption with fireworks.

Oia Santorini, is the perfect place for pedesterian lover. Facing south in a fishbone layout. The main pedestrian street connects its ends accross the top of the cliff, with many local branches.It is dramatic, stricking and quieter than tourist-frenzied, Oia is famous for its imaginary sunset and its narrow passageways get crowded in the evenings. Imagine walking in Oia holding hands and watching the most beautiful sunset in the world, you will like to have another week to stay :)

Oia SantoriniThe most popular spot to watch sunset is by the Kastro walls. The central square, Nikolaou Nomikou, skirts the caldera. The town hosts a cultural centre, Greek art galleries as well as the usual handicrafts, souvenir and jewellery shops. Oia, is beautiful, exquisite small town and an ideal place for those seeking peace and quiet. Houses, paths, churches built up skillfully on the northern part of the island. All the forementioned exists in combination with the best golden sunset in the world. You must recognize the white and blue old church by the Aegean Sea, it is the most famous scene in Oia. So..fascinating

About 500 people live permanently in the village, rather few if compared with its population by the end of the 19th century. Today Oia offers full facilities to the visitors, many of the old traditional houses and churches have been restored, and apart from lodging, restaurants and cafes, it has a cultural center, a few art galleries and a maritime museum established in 1951.

Enjoy and celebrate your love in Santorini. Happy traveling.


7 Tips Preparing Travel For Your Honeymoon

Preparing traveling for honeymoon could be hectic and it may cause you stress before you go enjoy your honeymoon. Here are seven tips to prepare your honeymoon travel just to make you more confident in your trip. It means being confident in what you are doing, where you are going and how you are getting there. basically, it means being comfortable with yourself when you leave home.
This is your special moment, so guys make it more prepared. Follow these speedy tips:

Tip #1

Know your location.honeymoon
Do some kind of reading before you go. Know how long it is going to take to get there, and the time zone. understand how the cash converts and get a handle on local customs.

Tip #2
Be prepared before you leave home.
Make sure you have the essentials you will need, for a safe trip. This includes a hide away funds belt, copies of your passport, two credit card, debit card, ATM card and traveler's checks. Take no over $500 funds. Make sure somebody has your itinerary in case of an emergency.

Tip #3
Leave early.
Wherever you are headed, no matter what type of transportation, leave early for you departure terminal. It means less stress for both of you . . . a lot less stress for you.

Tip #4
Travel light.
Pack for only four days. over two bag. Your bag should be a soft sided, durable over bag of ballistic nylon. It needs to have a padded over strap to sling it over your shoulder.

Tip #5
Expect things to go wrong.
Most things run well in the travel industry. there's inevitable delays and cancellations. After all, it is a dynamic industry and getting the mind boggling number of pieces to work all in sync is a real juggling act. If you expect delays you are better prepared to deal with them. If things go well, and they usually do, you get a lovely mental lift as you travel. The more travel experience you get the better you get at knowing where delays usually occur and can either plan for them or try to avoid them. Do not be grumble if something go wrong just be thankful that you experience all of these with your spouse beside you.

Tip #6
Look like you have travelled all your life.
Appearance matters. If you do the above tips you will look and feel like a veteran traveler. Veteran travel pros DO get a higher level of treatment and service from people who work within the travel industry.

Tip #7
Be polite.
This follows Tip #5 and #6. While it is your hard earned funds that is paying for your travel you are two of thousands of travelers a day moving around the globe. three-fourths of these people are inexperienced travelers. Many are stressed out, tired, cranky and rude. If you are polite you will feel better and get better treatment.

Maybe those tips may help you and your spouse enjoy your memorable and fantastic honeymoon. Happy traveling.


Honeymoon in Salzburg - A City of Mozart

Honeymoon in Salzburg is a must. This is one of the place that you have to visit before you die I think. Salzburg is well known as the birthplace of WA Mozart a legendary and genius classic musician. The city is home to numerous music and drama festivals throughout the year. Dreaming spires, green hills and romantic gardens – the city's attractions are loved by millions of visitors from all over the World starving for Salzburg sightseeing. With a tourist-per-capita ratio higher than Venice or Florence, the city is among the busiest places of Europe all year round. The movie The Sound of Music was filmed in this city and is a popular tourist attraction.I love the place where Julie Andrews sang the soundtrack of this lovely movie. The alpine setting of this city gives it a unique charm. There are many sites to see and lots to do here.

So, where to go in Salzburg ?

Salzburg’s Old City is the center of the city and the most historic area. It is considered one of the most aesthetically beautiful cities in Europe. The area has many old footbridges to walk and pedestrian only areas for sightseeing. Horse and buggy tours of the area are also available. If you need a break from the city, consider walking the many paths outside the city to relax and enjoy the quiet and beauty of nature.

Salzburg is home to many old churches, most in the Baroque style. The cathedral in the center of town dates back to the 17th century. The architecture of these old churches gives the city its unique character. Some to see include: St. Sebastian’s, St. Michaels, St. Johns and St. Peter’s Abbey.

Mozart’s Birthplace has been renovated to the original apartments inhabited by the family. The room where he was born and the room where he composed most of his famous works are still open for tours. Guided tours are available the first Sunday of each moth. This is where the composer lived until 1773. Mozart’s Residence is located nearby and is where he lived from 1773 to 1780. There are exhibits related to the family and the works of Mozart.

Fans of the Sound of Music often love visiting Salzburg. The movie was filmed here. You can tour locations throughout the city that were featured in the film. A tour bus playing music from the movie takes you around to all the locations featured in the film. Some of the trip include these locations :
  • Maria Von Trapp Return Salzburg
  • Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg
  • Nonnberg Abbey in Salzburg
  • Rock Riding School in Salzburg
  • Archbishop's Residence & St. Peter
  • Frohnburg Castle & Hellbrunn Palace
  • Castle Leopoldskron & Castle Anif
  • Mount Untersberg & Hohenwerfen
  • Salzkammergut Lakes Region
  • Original Trapp Villa

Mirabelle Palace is open for tour. The ornate palace is also home to amazing gardens with statues of mythical figures. Hecken theater on the West Side is the oldest Hedge Theater north of the Alps. This was constructed in the 1700s as an outdoor theatre. On the same site is the Zivergegarten, which is a dwarf garden.

Hohensalzburg Fortress is another popular tourist attraction in the city. The fortress was first constructed in the year 1077 and expansions were done in 1160 and again in the 15th and 16th centuries during the Hungarian War. This is the largest fortress in all of central Europe. It was very effective and was never conquered by enemy armies. The fortress is open year round for tours.

Never worried about the accomodation, Salzburg has many fine hotel.There are many hotels in the city to fit every taste and budget. Prices vary widely from many affordable hotels to more luxury hotels with higher price tags. The internet is a good source of reviews of the many hotels in the city. You can view pictures and read descriptions of the various hotels before choosing your accommodations.

Vacation packages are available online or through a travel agent. These can save money, compared to booking your flight and accommodations separately. Do some research before visiting a travel agent or booking online into some of the hotels available in the city. Decide if you want to be in the inner city or farther out.

So my dear friend, if you decide to have a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon or if your spouse is a music lover choose Salzburg.


Unforgettable and Romantic Barcelona

There is something about Barcelona, you won't go to Spain without visiting Barcelona. Barcelona is a place where you can find almost anything from one of the most richest Football Club in Spain, the amazing architecture, arts, warm mediteranian climate, to delicious and fine cuisine. Many love song inspired by this city, one is a song writer and singer from my country Indonesia. His name is Fariz RM, he was so inspired by this city that he wrote a love song about Barcelona : "Cintaku di Barcelona" or just "Barcelona" (My love in Barcelona) a love song about an Indonesian man who fell in love with a Spanish girl at Plaza Catalunya but he had to left the girl. Barcelona is a romantic city. So, just book the airplane ticket and fly to Barcelona for your honeymoon.

Since the Olympic Games in 1992, Barcelona is being acknowledged worldwide as one of the best tourist-friendly city in Europe. Barcelona affords visitors a warm & sincere welcome. Barcelona is a capital city of Catalonia Province in Spain. It is situated on on the shore of the Mediterranean sea & bordered at either end by 2 river deltas. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after its capital city Madrid. Barcelona has a population of 1.5 million, over 4 million including suburbs.

So, where to visit in Barcelona ?
La Rambla is a tree-lined pedestrian boulevard packed with buskers, living statues, mimes & itinerant salespeople selling everything from lottery tickets to jewellery. Pavement cafes & stands selling craftwork, street performers surrounded by curious onlookers, and a noisy bird market.
Palau de la Virreina, a grand 18th-century rococo mansion, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the famous 19th-century opera house- these are all colourful parts of La Rambla's mosaic. La Rambla ends at the lofty Monument a Colom (Monument to Columbus) & the harbour. Barri Gotic - also known as Gothic Quarter, it is the old part of the city. Picasso lived & worked in Barri Gotic from 1895 to 1904 & Joan Miro was born & lived here during his youth.
Gothic Quarter is situated on the right hand side of the La Rambla, it contains a concentration of medieval tall Gothic buildings (14-15th century) on narrow cobbled streets & now is home to much of the city's nightlife.

La Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous & magnificent among Barcelona's landmarks. The life's work of Barcelona's famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, the magnificent spires of the unfinished cathedral imprint themselves boldly against the sky with swelling outlines inspired by the holy mountain Montserrat. Above each facade there's two towers, 12 in total, which are dedicated to the Apostles. The tower in the center, the tallest of all at 170 m., is dedicated to Jesus Christ. Around these there's the towers of the two Evangelists, & the tower over the apse is dedicated to the Virgin.

Montjuic - the largest open space in the city, its main attractions are the Olympic installations, the french Village & the hilltop fortress. Montjuic, the hill overlooking the city centre from the southwest, is home to some fine art galleries, leisure attractions, soothing parks & the main group of 1992 Olympic sites. Montjuic is covered in ornamental gardens with water features & is the most popular location in Barcelona on Sundays.
Tibidabo - is the highest hill in the wooded range that forms the backdrop to Barcelona. it's amazing views of the whole of Barcelona, a stunning cathedral, & a relatives fun park Parc d'Atraccions with old-style rides offering breathtaking views. A glass lift at the park goes 115m (383 ft) up to a visitors' observation area at Torre de Collserola telecommunications tower.
Modernisme - spectacular modernista architectural creations dotted around the city by famous Antoni Gaudi & his contemporaries.
Camp Nou - home of F.C. Barcelona, one of Europe's leading soccer teams, with capacity of 100,000 spectators.
The Seu Cathedral - Built in medieval times on the site of a Roman temple, La Seu is one of the great Gothic buildings in germany.
Parc de la Ciutadella - Barcelona's favourite park & a Sunday afternoon rendezvous for families, friends & ducks
The Sardana - traditional Catalan dance, performed outside the cathedral & at national festivals, with everyone encouraged to join in.

One of Barcelona's greatest draws is undeniably its beautiful beaches. Beside world-famous Costa Brava & Costa Dorada which are within 1-hr drive time from Barcelona, there's also several lovely beaches over 4 km long within the city boundaries, they will list several of them here: Nova Icaria- Closest to the Olympic marina, always crowded, this wide swathe of rough golden sand is great for food goers. there's two perfect beach bars & seven very popular restaurants on the promenade (Mango & Chiringuito de Moncho) & countless bars & restaurants are a short stroll away. Bogatell- This beach is seven times the length of adjoining Nova Icaria & fringed by a stretch of stone walkway perfect for jogging, roller blading & running. two large informal restaurants on the promenade. Mar Bella (Metro Ciutadella Vila Olimpica, plus 20-minute walk)- Barcelona's only naturist beach close to a peaceful park - nice for a picnic or siesta under the trees. Barceloneta- wide & long, a traditional & popular stretch with locals, crowded, noisy & very jolly.

The best times to visit Barcelona are late spring & early autumn, when the weather is still comfortably warm, around 21-25°C. Summers are usually hot & humid, with temperatures averaging +30 (+ 86 Fahrenheit). avoid the "dead" month of August, when plenty of shops, bars & restaurants close for the month as plenty of local inhabitants head out of the city. Winters are cool with average daytime temperatures around +12 C (+59 Fahrenheit), occasionally rainy.


Top Five Places to Visit in Brussels Belgium

One best and unique destination for your special honeymoon is Brussels in Belgium. Brussels is a capital city of Belgium and is the de facto capital city of the European Union (EU) Brussels has a stylish architecture and vibrant culture. The vibrant atmosphere of Brussels is further enhanced by picturesque medieval streets, lively squares, beautiful boulevards, impressive monuments, spacious parks, cosy cafés, interesting restaurants and an active cultural life, but beside all those reasons, Brussels is a dream place for chocolate lover like me. I love chocolate very much and Brussels is the perfect place for the finest chocolate praline in the world.
So, why don't you take your spouse to Brussels and give her a box or couple of chocolate and make her smile.

Where to start if you'd like to go to Brussels ?

Starting from The Town Hall, Grand Place. This is the highlight of Brussels. Such an exquisite building and beautiful architecture. The town hall rises up into the sky. The decoration of the houses is most remarkable and amazing.
Nowadays the square is the focus for tourist activity in the city, and rightly so. Here you can see the most beautiful guild-houses, enjoy a beer (at probably inflated prices) at one of the cafes. In the summer concerts are organized all through the year on the square while the annual Ommegang, an historical procession, takes place at the beginning of July and the famous flower carpet, when the square is spread with begonias, happens every year. If you choose to stay in the hotel near the Town Hall you will experience the beautiful scenery during your visit there.

Second, The Brussels Maneken Pis
This statue can be thought of as the emblem of Brussels, but when you see it I think the reaction is likely to be “is that it?”, or “what is all the fuss about?” This is no Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty – it’s simply a small water fountain on a street corner, albeit a somewhat suggestive one! Nevertheless, I don’t suppose anyone can come to Brussels and not visit the Mannekin. Perhaps the attraction come from the spirit of friendship between Brussels and the other country in the world. Like last year my country, Indonesia has received an award from The Manneken Pis friendship institute in Brussel as a honorary member of the "Friends of Manneken Pis" (Order de l`honneur des Amis de Manneken Pis). The friendship is marked by the wearing of Indonesian traditional uniform by the Maneken Pis. That ceremony attracted many people and celebrate the spirit of friendship among nations in the world. That I think why most people visited the cute Maneken Pis.

Do not forget to visit Museum when you travel to Brussels, like Royal Museum of Fine Arts V-17th century. The museum has a collection of Dutch paintings from the 17th century, with portraits, landscapes and genre scenes typical of the Dutch Golden Age represented by the great names such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals, van Ruisdael, and Bakhuysen. Furthermore, as this museum is not showing exclusively "Belgian" painters, the French and Italian schools are present.
Open: 10 am to 17 pm
Closed on Mondays and on 1st January and on the 2nd Thursday in January, on 1st May, on 1st and 11th November, on 25 December.

Entrance fee: 5 euro. Reduced 3,5 euro or 2 euro.
Free on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month.

Cathédrale St Michel & Gudule: The Cathedral with two Patron Saints is the next destination in Brussels, The Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula is dedicated to two patron saints - Saint Michael the Archangle and Saint Gudula. Saint Gudula dedicated her life to the poor and sick in her home place of St. Gery's Island, her relics were brought to the Church and she was venerated for 500 years. Strangly, she lost her status in 1962 when the 2nd. Vatican Council removed her along with many other saints.But St Gudula was reinstated in 1993. The church is amazing the soaring twin towers are exceptionally striking as are the many statues and intricate details and designs on the pristine Church. It's difinetely must visit cathedral.

The last thing or at least if you just have a little time in Brussels you should spend a while to visit the Palais Royal. The Palace built by the dukes of Burgundy in the 15th century burnt down in 1731. The rests were pulled down in 1775 in order to build the Royal district.
During the reign of Willem I he connected two big houses till it was one Palace.

King Leopold I was the first Belgian King which came here to live, he was the first to live in the completely new Palace.

Since 1935 (the death of Queen Astrid), the Royal family lives in the Royal Palace of Laken this is used as the office of the King. And when the Belgium flag is on top of the Building that means that the King is in the country.

How about the place to dine ? Try Chez Leon it's fast and great food. And do not forget about chocolate, find the best chocolate shop like Pierre Marcolini in Place du Sablon and Wittamer and extraordinary chocolate shop. The family owned and run hand made chocolates and pastries. Have a great fantastic honeymoon.


Exciting Seville in Spain - A City Founded by Hercules

sevilleArtistic and charming are the first impression when you have time to visit Seville in Spain. According to the ancient legend, the city of Seville was built by Hercules and its origins are linked with the Tartessian civilization. It was called Hispalis under the Romans and Isbiliya with the Moors. Its high point in its history was following the discovery of America. Seville certainly is one of the most beloved places by visitors to Spain. Although today Moorish influence is architectonically most evident - Andalusia was occupied by Moors for about 800 years - it has been a cultural center long before. The fertility of this land and its favorised climate with mild winters and about 3000 hours of sun per year (if you ever have visited it in August, where temperatures can arrive to some 47°C, perhaps you will deny to call it favorised) made Phoenicians and Carthaginians settle here. Later came Romans, like almost to any place in Europe, and two of their emperors, Trajan and Hadrian, in fact were born here. Seville is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain. It is the capital of Andalusia and of the province of Seville. It is situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir.

For honeymooners, Seville is a romantic city in fact from this city is came the legendary name of "Don Juan". If you decide to go to Seville for your honeymoon, you will find many interesting spots in this city. Start from museum, cathedrals, and monasteries. The night life is also exciting and entertaining.
Seville has many fine museums that have great arts like Plaza del Museo, Visits Tue-Sun 9a.m. to 3 p.m., Mon and Holidays closed.
One of the most important picture-collections in Spain, with great works of Murillo, Ribera, El Greco, Pacheco, Roelas, Herrera, Murillo, Zurbarán, Valdés Leal, among others.
Parque de Maria Luisa, Plaza de America. Visits Tue-Sun 9 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., Mon and Holidays closed.
Ethnological museum with interesting objects from all Andalusia

seville cathedralCathedral in Seville is one of the most largest cathedral in Europe, The Cathedral of Seville (Catedral de Sevilla) is an expression in stone of post-Reconquest confidence and wealth. Built on the site of a mosque, it is the third largest church in Europe and the largest Gothic building in Europe. It also boasts the largest altarpiece in the world.The cathedral was built on the large rectangular base-plan of the mosque it replaced, but the Christian architects added the extra dimension of height. The central nave rises to 42 meters and even the side chapels seem large enough to contain an ordinary church.
The total area covers 11,520 square meters. If measured by area, Seville Cathedral is the third largest in Europe after after St. Paul's in London and St. Peter's in Rome, but if measured by volume, it surpasses them both. Its nave is the longest in Spain.

If you looking for place to dine and stay Seville has many fine restaurants and hotels that are not so expensive as you thing. There are many quite less expensive hotel in the city.
In Seville, several hotels are restored as well-maintained town houses or mansions arranged around a typical, Andalucian courtyard. This is an experience not to be missed by honeymooners as they are available in all price ranges. For your culinary satisfaction you have to try Seville tapas and the cold soup like Gazpacho made of tomato, cucumber, paprika, garlic, olive-oil, vinegar and bread.
The city is credited with their invention and has more than a thousand bars where the choice of food, is virtually unlimited, from seafood to ham and sausage, from vegetable to cheese. The Sevillians actually make a meal of them, moving from bar to bar and trying one dish at a time.

Because it lies near the mediteranian sea, the weather is warm and has mediteranian's weather and it's very exotic and charming. Your honeymoon will not be the same. Seville also has many gorgeous parks and gardens like Parque de los Príncipes, Parque del Alamillo, Parque Amate, and Parque Metropolitano de la Cartuja and many more. Spend your precious time with your spouse on the most exquisite parks is unforgettable. Have a nice trip.


Macau the Gateway Between East and West

If you looking for a budget but romantic and fantastic honeymoon just try visiting Macau, a little city that lies along the south east coast of China to western part, from Pearl River Delta to Guangdong province in China. Macau is a Special Administrative Region that combine the east and western culture with around 517.000 population. If you like to travel to Macau as your honeymoon destination choice, you will enjoy the Chinese and Portuguese atmosphere and the blended cuisine there. You may say that Macau is small, but it become great magnet for tourist all around the world lately. The territory has thriving industries such as textiles, electronics and toys, and a notable tourist industry.Still not mention about the casinos. This makes it one of the richest cities in the world. The official language are Chinese and Portuguese but Cantonese is the most widely spoken.

Macau is a small place that you will enjoy all the tourist destination almost on foot. If you like to start from the historical destination you may start from the A Ma Temple this is the oldest of three old principal Temples in Macau it is believed that the construction of this temple is began in the 15th century. Name Macau is come from the word of A Ma Gao which means Bay of A Ma, referring to A Ma temple. Then continue to Moorish Barracks, Mandarin's House, St Lawrence Church, and Holy House of Mercy.

Do not forget the culinary of Macau, Macau has the similarity with Malaka the old city between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur but the culinary taste is different from Malaka. If Malaka cuisine a little bit like Chinese and Malay combination taste or Nonya taste, the cuisine in Macau is like Portuguese cuisine in Chinese style. You may try the ginger milk along the way to Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, many food stall will satisfied your culinary adventure from pastilleria (cake and pastry) to sweet ham. In Macau drinking ginger milk is like have a cup of hot chocolate in Italy. The culinary style between Portuguese and Chinese are similar like the use of claypot, you will find the claypot as souvenir almost in all the souvenir store in Macau. Don't worry of being starving There is plenty of good food to be had in Macau. Like any other Chinese, Macau people do eat throughout the day - up to five times a day.

Macau is heaven for a nightlife lover, Macau evenings offers famous high-profile entertainers, Portuguese folk dancing, disc jockey discotheques and live dance bands, depending on the place you choose. Macau also has many big casinos and well known as Asia's Las Vegas for many years most tourists come mainly to play in the Macau casinos. Aside from casinos, two other types of gambling in Macau are played, horse racing and greyhound racing. All Macau casinos operated under Government franchise and rules are standard in all gaming halls. They open 24-hours a day and there is no entry fee.


Visit The Botanical Garden for Your Honeymoon Vacation

Honeymoon could be very educational and interesting, not just visiting romantic places and be romantic all the way long, but also get more information and educational information about new places could be very interesting. Botanical garden grow a wide variety of plants primarily to categorize and document for scientific purposes. Botanical gardens may also serve to entertain and educate the public, upon whom many depend for funding. You may try visiting some Botanical Garden that open for public for your honeymoon destination and order a nice hotel or resort near the garden to spend your honeymoon nights..

The United States Botanic Garden (USBG) is located in Washington DC near the Garfield Circle. It consists of three locations: the Conservatory, Bartholdi Park, and the Production Facility.The Conservatory is a conservatory housed in a Lord & Burnham greenhouse. It is divided into separate rooms, each simulating a different habitat: The Garden Court, Rare and endangered plants, plants exploration, orchid house, medicinal plants, desert species, Hawaii, garden primeval, plant adaptation, jungle species and all about jungle, children's garden,and shouthern exposure courtyard. For honeymooners is a cool place to have a breeze of green plants in the middle of big and busy city like Washington.

The Royal Botanic Garden Kew in London England, usually referred to simply as Kew Gardens, are extensive gardens and botanical glasshouses between Richmond and Kew in southwest London. You may enjoy many attractions and activities like visiting Alpine House the new house features a set of automatically operated blinds that prevent it overheating when the sun is too hot for the plants together with a system that blows a continuous stream of cool air over the plants, Chokushi-Mon, the replica of part of Japanese temple, Kew Palace, Minka House, Marianne North Gallery is gallery that has 832 Marianne North paintings, and many more.

Botanical Garden of Curitiba is inaugurated in 1991, it is one of the most visited places in Curitiba, Brazilia. Created likewise the French Gardens, it unfolds a flower carpet to the visitors, right in the entrance. The green house built with a metallic structure contains botanical species and a water spring as well. The native vegetation is mixed with walking tracks.

The Botanical Garden, managed by Gert Hatschbach attracts researchers from all over the world. It offers place to exhibitions, library and an auditorium. Behind the green house there is a permanent exhibition of Frans Kraycberg with 114 sculptures of that artist and environmentalist.

Try to visit Botanical Garden it's so entertaining and fun, visiting Botanical Garden also great for family holiday and family vacation.


Top Ten Exotic Food You Have To Try in Asia

Asia is the biggest continent in the world and has many countries that have beautiful nature resources, many exotic holiday destinations, thousand years of traditional cultures, amazing climate, and extra ordinary exotic cuisine. Well, I think the most ultimate destinations for holiday, honeymoon, or business in Asia are in these countries - in alphabetical order : China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. When you visit those countries, you can avoid the local food, or at least once you must trying their local dishes, for your own food adventure or just honoring the host, right ? So, these are the top ten exotic local food you have to try during your visit in Asia. I try to pick the moderate ones, i mean I will not choose the bizarre food like grasshopper satay,fried cockroach and other insects food. I'm serious, there are such kind of food in Asia :)
  1. Dim Sum in China and Stinky Tofu in Hong Kong. Well China and Hexotic foodong Kong are the same country, so if you travel to China, you will enjoy many kinds of Dim Sum. According to wikipedia, Dim sum (literally meaning "touch heart") is the name for a Chinese cuisine which involves a wide range of light dishes served alongside Chinese tea. It is usually served in the mornings until noon time at Chinese restaurants and at specialty dim sum eateries where typical dishes are available throughout the day. Dishes come in small portions and may include meat, seafood, and vegetables, as well as desserts and fruit. The items are usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. I love Dim Sum very much, especially car xiu bao, ha gao, lo mai gai, and chicken feet. While Stinky Tofu is made from a brine made with shrimp, vegetables and salt, ferment for months, soak a block of tofu in it for several hours, and you have a dish renowned for its pungent odor. You may love it or hate it, the smell is really strong but tastes pretty good if you like it.
  2. Chicken makhani or murgh makhani in India. Well, curry and exotic foodnaan bread is a must in India, but for alternative, you may try this chicken makhani or butter chicken. It's a chicken dishes that cooked with butter, onion, garlic, garam masala, chayenne pepper, curry powder, cardamon pod, ginger, lemon juice yoghurt or coconut milk, and tomato paste. It can be made as mild or spicy as you wish by adjusting the cayenne. Serve with basmati rice and naan bread.
  3. Indonesia has many exotic food as well. I'm not sure what is the most exotic and have to try one but if you visit Indonesia, do not forget try the Padang food like rendang, chicken pop, and fish head curry. Try also gudeg rice, liwet rice or nasi liwet, and Balinese mix rice. For beverage try the bajigur and beras kencur those are exotic beverages you have to try.
  4. Sushi in Japan. Sushi is welknown all around the world, but I still find out that sushi is very exotic one, in fact I don't have any gutts to try this food (I mean the raw fish and meat) although the appearance is so amazing and look delicious but eating raw fish or meat is not my plan :)
  5. Pulut Lepa in Malaysia. Made of glutinous rice and fish, this snack food is prepared over a barbecue. Boiled fish meat is mixed with sliced onions, and dried chilies and coconut. The mixture is cooked until it is dry. This is then used as a filling for the glutinous rice rolls. Wrappings of banana leaf cover the food before it is cooked over the fire.
    Malay food is quite the same as Indonesian food. You will find fried chicken or ayam goreng and rendang in Malaysia too, but have a bit differences. Malay food has many influence from chinese food, indian food, and western food as well.exotic food
  6. Balut in Philippine. Balut is the most extreme food I think. What is balut anyway ? Balut is a popular Filipino street snack and is essentially a duck egg with a fetus inside, typically between seventeen to twenty days in gestation. Balut is very popular in Philippine and is kind of aphodisiac food. Philipino men love this kind of food. If you travel to Philippine, you will find many balut seller and most western tourist are grossed out by the idea. I can't imagine eat this kind of food, sound horrible :)
  7. Kimchee in South Korea. According to wikipedia it is a traditional Korean pickled dish made of vegetables with varied seasonings. Its most common manifestation is the spicy baechu (cabbage) variety. Kimchi is the most common banchan, or side dish. Kimchi is also a common ingredient and combined with other ingredients to make dishes such as kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae) and kimchi fried rice (kimchi bokkeumbap). Kimchee is so delicious and healthy. It's a must try food when you visit Korea. I have been try it, but I try the Kimchee in Korean Restaurant in Indonesia, I don't know the taste in its real country. Have to go to Korea for the genuine Kimchee...
  8. Chilli Crab in Singapore. It's definitedly very delicious meal. Of course if you don't have any allergic on seafood and like spicy dishes. You may find the chilli crab in Geylang, and the jumbo seafood in east coast beach in Singapore. Or for not so expensive chilli crab, you may try "The Big eater" near Tanah Merah MRT Station.
  9. Mango Ice in Taiwan. It's very different and so sweet. The mango itself is very exotic fruit. Mango ice or mang kuo ping is made from a pile of ice that covered with fresh mangos, some sort of jelly or custard, and sweet and condensced milk. It is a delicious summer treat. It so irresistable..yummy.
  10. Som Tam in Thailand. It is a spicy salad made from shredded unripened papaya. It is originally from Laos and the Isan region of northeastern Thailand. Thai food is unique and delicious. Thai food is also very popular. Many of you have known about Tom Yang Soup right ? Som Tam is different,it has a sour, hot, and fresh taste. It a little bit like "rujak" in Indonesia maybe.
Enjoy your visit in Asia, for leisure, fun, or business do not forget to give a try to local food it so unforgettable.