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The Exotic Indonesia

Why I keep talking about Indonesia? Because it's my country yeah.. it's obvious. I love my country and if you like to have a fantastic and not so expensive honeymoon, Indonesia is the one. It's the world's largest archipelago country, Indonesia is a transcontinental country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia has many islands- about 17,508 islands and every island has its own culture and identity. Indonesia is unique and exotic.

Exotic HoneymoonIndonesia lies in equator area, that's why it has a tropical climate about 18 C -32 C. Most of the tourists in Indonesia visit Bali. But there is much more out there. I admit not every island is as interesting and as beautiful or accessible as Bali but many of them are great. I can mention many places, like North Sumatera with their Lake Toba, Palembang in South Sumatera, Minangkabau culture in West Sumatera, Jakarta the capital city, and you have to visit West Java, Jogjakarta in Central Java, East Java, Borneo, Tanah Toraja in Sulawesi, Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, we have the Comodo Island in Flores East Nusa Tenggara, the Maluku islands, also Papua. Wheew.. see, many places with different cultures, languages, cuisine, life style and many more.

Exotic HoneymoonWhether you search for nature and wildlife, active volcanoes, ancient tribes, religious culture,
historical places or nice beaches, it can all be found in Indonesia. You may try the under water life in Bunaken to have a great experience of diving too. So, if you and your spouse decide to have an exotic and unforgetable honeymoon why not try to go to Indonesia ?

Exotic HoneymoonAnother idea to spend holiday or honeymoon in Indonesia is to explore our under water life. Indonesia has a very special under water life, like Bunaken and Raja Ampat island. Special in Raja Ampat island in Papua they have the amazing under water life. Not just the beautiful panoramic views over the sea surface but also the under water marine biota. Various species of fish in a various sizes and colors. Not to mention the coral yet. You may find hard and soft corals in diverse colors. Raja Ampat is located in western part of Papua island. If you like to give Raja Ampat a try you may travel by air. From Jakarta to Menado first, then Sorong.

I'd like to discuss the exotic destination from Indonesia in my another posts.

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