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A Piece of Heritage

Living in Indonesia is so interesting. We have sooo..many great things. From traditional languages, traditional dances, natural resources, cool vacation spots, traditional cuisines, traditional cultures, and many traditional fabrics that really beautiful and very complicated in making. These fabrics are used to be very expensive because of their uniqueness but now the price are moderate enough. Let's find out a few of them.

UlosThose traditional fabrics or cloths are very precious and become our national heritage and identity. I'd like to share some of them, first is Ulos from our Northern Island (North Sumatera, Lake Toba). Ulos is a heritage from Batak Culture. Ulos means blanket that could bring love and warmth in the family. Traditionaly, Elders give the Ulos to their children but the children are prohibited to do the contrary. Nowadays the tradition has been changed everybody could wear Ulos, and Ulos become more industrial. Ulos become a precious souvenirs for friends, tourists, and many more.

songket palembangPalembang Songket is another traditional cloth from Sumatera Island, it's from South Sumatera (Palembang). Songket is a traditional woven cloth that used to wear in some traditional ceremonies and occasions like traditional weddings. But Palembang Songket is not the only one songket from Sumatera. There are many of them, like Minang Songket, Jambi Songket and more. Songket used to made from pure silk and high quality metallic thread.

batikBatik, now Batik become very fenomenal in Indonesia. Batik is traditional cloth from Java Island. Its name came from the word "amba" which means writing and dots.The word batik refers to the cloth with the pattern produced by the " malam " or wax that was applied on top of the cloth, so it hold the insertion of the coloring material (dye). It called the "wax-resist dyeing".They paint the pattern using a tool called canting. The smell is quite strong. Batik is a craft that has a high value of art and has become parts of the culture of Indonesia particularly from Java. If you decide to travel to Java, Indonesia you may find Batik producers in Cirebon, Pekalongan, Solo, and Yogyakarta (Central Java).

Well, those are just a few of my heritage. There are a lot of them still waiting to be revealed. Do not forget to bring them home as your souvenirs when you have time to travel to Indonesia for honeymoon or holiday. Have a wonderful day.

The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Do you love coffee? Well coffee is not always bad for health I think, especially when you just take 1 to 3 cups of coffee every day or just contains 300mg of caffeine. Coffee can stimulate blood circulation and become the most often drunk by people after water. But, do you know that the most expensive coffee in the world is from the digestive system of the Asian Palm Civet ? Wow.. you mean we've drunk the civet's pups... ? Not exactly like that..

It called the Cicivet coffeevet Coffee or Kopi Luwak in Indonesian language. Civet coffee is coffee that truly made from coffee berries which have been eaten by and passed trough the digestive track of the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). The Asian Civets eat the berries, people believe that the civets only eat the best berries, but the beans inside pass trough their system undigested. The process takes place in Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi (in the Indonesian Archipelago). But you can find this type of coffee in Philippines, East Timor, and Vietnam too.

What makes this Civet Coffee so expensive ? Many reasons, first is from the taste. Civet Coffee has a unique, strange, and exotic taste. People curious about the taste and like to try. Second, is from how the civet coffee has been roasted. It fermented naturally inside the civet's digestive system. Enzymes inside the civet's stomach is breaking down the proteins that give bitter flavour to the coffee bean. That complicated process make the Civet Coffee is more expensive than others. Nowadays, Asian Palm Civets are very rare, in Java people tend to hunt the civets for their meat. They believe that civets meat has ability to cure asthma.

Maybe because the Civet Coffee production is very limited, only 1,000 pounds (450 kg) go to the world market each year. Price range for Civet Coffee is $120 to $600 USD per pound and sold mainly in United States and Japan. Coffee shops sell the Civet Coffee about $33 to $99 USD per cup. This kind of coffee is very phenomenal, even Oprah has talked about Civet Coffee in her show.
civet coffee

Although some people may doubt this kind of coffee, between real or just a myth, but the Civet Coffee still become the most expensive, strange, and unique coffee in the world and it come from Indonesia.


Mystery of the Dragon Village

Have you ever visit a place that really unique, traditional, exotic, pure, balance, and innocent as your travel or holiday destination? That place may not be has a great resorts like in Carribean or Hawaii, and doesn't have the cool night life like in Seminyak or Legian, but it is so natural and peace. One thing they could offer you is just a harmony life between human and nature.
Many mysteries have covered this village. From forbidden forest to forbidden to speak on certain days.

Kampung NagaWelcome to the Dragon Village or Kampung Naga in Tasikmalaya, West Java. Where life is so pure. The native people in Kampung Naga taking care their environtment very well. Their padi-rice field are amazing. They have a strict regulation about it, such as if someone like to build a house in Kampung Naga, he has to plant a tree first. That tree is very usefull for them later. They made their own equipment, they made their own house from wood and bamboo, and they are a great architec. They build their houses in such ways that look like a dragon from far away. "Nature has given us everything," told one native man. They are very wise.They even reject the electricity that has been provided by the government. Even if there are houses that have radio or black and white TV, those are not using electricity. They are using bateries instead of electricity. They love simplycity. Reminds me of "The Little House in the Prairie".

There is a mystery in this village. The number of houses in this village are never added. The number is always the same - 110 houses - Never added. When a native man from Kampung Naga marrying a woman from outside the village, he has to move out from this village, but still making contacts with his relatives and once a year he has to come back for a traditional ceremony called Seren Tahun (it's a harvest traditional ceremony).

The native of Kampung Naga keep their forest very well. They won't give a permit to tourists or traveller to take the picture near their forest. The river is forbidden to stranger. So, why you bother go there ? You have to live there and absorbs their purify and harmony. Then you will understand their uniqueness.

People in Kampung Naga are Moslem, but they have strong belive in their traditional culture. They have many traditional ceremonies like Pedaran (reading about their fathers history) and Seren Tahun. They have a strict regulation about speaking. Days like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are forbidden to speak days especially about their village history or the culture. Just do not visit that village in those days. They will ignore the tourist or traveller. People in this village are very creative, those who love vernacular architechture will admire their skill in making souvenirs. Their handicrafts have an export quality.

How to reach this village ?
  • From Jakarta by bus to Tasikmalaya, is not far from highway between Tasikmalaya-Garut. To reach that village you have to take a path to Ciwulan River about 500 meters on feet.


Top 5 Most Romantic Beaches in Asia

I just recently made a blog walking and came out with a polling results of the most romantic beaches in Asia, and guess what ? Indonesia is in the third position ....horay. I know it's not a big polling, it's just a result from one blog but it still made me proud.

Romatic BeachThe most romantic beach - according to that polling - is Palawan in Philippines. Palawan is an island province of the Philippines located in the MIMAROPA region. Its capital is Puerto Princesa City, and it is the largest province in the country in terms of total area of jurisdiction. The islands of Palawan stretch from Mindoro to Borneo in the southwest. It lies between the South China Sea in the northwest and Sulu Sea in the southeast. The province is named after its largest island, Palawan Island, measuring 450 kilometers (280 mi) long, and 50 kilometers (31 mi) wide. Palawan has been declared as a natural sanctuary of the world for a good reasons. It is wrapped in a blanket of rainforests, awesome mountains, outstanding dive sites, primeval caves, and pristine beaches. The waters in Palawan is one of the best in the world, the diver's paradise.

Romatic BeachSecond one still in Philippines, that's Boracay. Every day seems to be a holiday on Boracay, all you have to do is relax and decide whether to go on sailing, snorkeling, looking some corals, or just hanging around. Boracay is a tropical island located about 315 km south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of the island of Panay. It's one of Philippines' most popular tourist destination. It is only one kilometer wide and seven kilometers long. There is a beautiful beach on a west coast with fery delicate white sand.

Romatic BeachThe third most romantic beaches in Asia goes to of course, Bali in Indonesia. I've written about it in my previous posts. You will find many beaches that have their own beauty. Bali' beaches are like arts. The most popular is Kuta beach, good surf-great nightlife-and a beach life that's unrivaled. Next from Kuta is Legian beach. Legian is not as hectic as Kuta but still has an interesting and funky nightlife. If you like to watch the sun rise Sanur beach is the perfect one. Still, we have Seminyak beach that is cool, casual, with small stylish hotels and villas. Then Jimbaran beach that quiet and tranquill. How about Nusa Dua beach, Tanjung Benoa beach,Candidasa, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland and Bingin beaches ? Wow.. many beautiful and romantic beaches you have to visit.

Romatic BeachThe fourth one goes to my favorite beach, well, this place is very famous in Asia, especially those who love Korean drama like me. Yeah..it's Jeju Island in South Korea. Jeju Island, also known as the "Island of the Gods," is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and many Japanese. It remains one of the top honeymoon destinations for Korean newlyweds. The climate is very similar like Hawaii in US. Two beaches you have to visit are Hamdeok beach and Hyeopjae beach. Hamdeok beach is well known for its sand, water quality, safety, and the kindness of local people. Hyeopjae beach is covered with glistening white sands, offset by deep blue colored outcroppings which just out into the turquoise water and it's safe for children.

Romatic BeachThe bottom ot the big five is Male in Maldives. The Republic of Maldives is a group of coral islands to the north of the equator in the Indian Ocean. It is to the southwest of India dan Sri Lanka. Actually to find the real beach is quite hard although this place has 1192 islands, well I mean there are lots of boats in their beaches that made hard to find a place to swim. But Maldives has one unique artificial beach and many resorts.


Under Water Treasure in Wakatobi

Hi.. Happy Valentine's Day everybody. How 's you're Valentine's Day doing? I spent the whole day playing around with my family and emptying a basket of chocolate, well it's not a healthy thing to do, but it's fun ..ha ha

Exotic Wakatobi
I just realize that my country (Indonesia) has many unique, exotic, and amazing places for holiday freaks and couples to spend their honeymoon time. Especially in one of the biggest island in Indonesia, Sulawesi.

Exotic WakatobiWhen you traveling in Sulawesi, you will find many diving site and beautiful beaches. One is an exotic National Marine Park Wakatobi. Blessed with a house reef where you can begin your dive only 20m (60 feet) from the dive center,

Wakatobi is often described as a live aboard with a built-in beach! In addition to the spectacular house reef, there are several dozens of easily accessible dive sites offering incredible marine life diversity, color and natural splendor.

Wakatobi National Marine Park has the potential of natural resources with valuable and unique marine species and stunning panoramic sea bottom .

In general, the configuration of marine have even started to incline towards the sea, and there are some areas that really steep. Water depth varies, the most depth reachesExotic Wakatobi 1044 meters. The Park positioned at the heart of Indo Pasific in Banda Sea where marine biodiversity is at its greatest, diving is trully fantastic. Wakatobi encompasses stunning coral reefs as under water treasure, white sand beaches, and amazing wheath af whales and dolphins.

Wakatobi National Marine Park lies on South East Sulawesi (Southern part from equator). The native tribe that lives near the Marine park is the Bajo tribe. Their lives is very interesting, they have a unique capability, they can dive until the bottom of the sea without diving equipment looking for fish.

Another exciting locations to dive or scuba diving, or just snorkeling are Hoga island (Kaledupa Resort), Binongko island (Binongko Resort), Tamia Resort, and also Wakatobi Dive Resort that have many diving activities and great service. You may enjoy their exotic cuisine too.

Exotic WakatobiThe best visiting seasons : April until June and October until December each year.

How to get To Wakatobi National Marine Park :

* From Jakarta to Kendari (capitol of Southeast Sulawesi) by air
* From Denpasar (Bali) go to Kendari by air
* From Kendari go to Bau-bau by speed boat twice a day, about 5 hours. Or by traditional boat about 12 hours.
* From Bau-bau go to Lasalimu by car about 2 hours (you may rent a car or by bus)
* From Lasalimu go to Wanci by speed boat about 1 hour or by traditional boat about 2.5 hours. Wanci is the gate to the Wakatobi National Marine Park and starting the adventure.

Just be there and enjoy your honeymoon or holiday time.


Experience the Hot Events in Exotic Bunaken

exotic bunaken festivalHi guys, I have an idea for your exotic holiday or honeymoon. Especially if you love sailing or diving activity, you have to visit these events.

It call Sail Bunaken 2009 in Manado, North Sulawesi that organized by the Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affairs, Provincial Administration of North Sulawesi, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Navy Force of Indonesia, supported by the the Directorate General of Immigration and other government institutions.

Wheew..sound so official (scarry..). But it's a great experience that you and your friends or spouse could enjoy. It's exciting and fantastic, as all of you know that Bunaken is a favorite diving site in the world.

Sail Bunaken 2009 will be held in August 12-20 and has many events :

1. Yacht Rally (will be the main activities), got two kinds of route

Eastern Passage Rally,

exotic bunaken festivaloption 1 : Darwin-Saumlaki-Banda-Ambon-Ternate-Bitung-Toli toli-Mamuju-Pare-pare-
option 2 : Darwin-Ambon-Ternate-Bitung-Toli toli-Mamuju-Pare-pare-Makassar-

Western Passage Rally,
Darwin-Saumlaki-Kisar-Alor-Lembata-Maumere-Ende-Nagikeo-Labuan-Bajo-Sumbawa Barat-Mataram-Bali-Banjarmasin-Kumai-Belitung.

2. International Fleet Review (main activities)

International Fleet Review is a static parade of Warship and Tallships from Indonesia and overseas by the port, allowing visitors to come aboard the ships.
The venue will be in Bitung and Manado, North Sulawesi.
Many countries will be participating, like: United States, Australia, Netherlands, Chile, India, Italy, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, France, Russia, Spain, Portugal, and many more.

3. Bunaken Expo and Festivals

The agenda : Marine and tourism product exhibition, craft exhibition, local cultural festivals,Manado urban act, stage performance.
Venues : Mega Mas- Boulevard Street-M'Tos-Boulevard Mall-Manado Convention Center

It's awesome to enjoy the beauty of North Sulawesi local culture.

4. This is the hottest thing guys, The Diving Competition and Festivalexotic bunaken festival
This competition is held in the favourite area of diving :
Manado and Bunaken Coast Side, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The agenda : PB POSSI 2009 National Diving Competition, Underwater
Photography Contest, Clean Beach and Ocean Campaign,
and National Flag.

What are you waiting for, just set your itinerary back..and go.

5. Jetski TransEquator Touring

exotic bunaken festivalJetski Touring will take route from Makassar, South Sulawesi to Manado (distance : 1600 mil) via west coast of Sulawesi island.

This tour is going to pass 7 check point in 7 days. Each check point will takes from 3 – 6 hours to reach, with various difficulties

Open Drag Race will be held the day after Jetski Touring.
Date : August 10-19, 2009
Route : Makassar-Mamuju-Pasangkayu-Palu-Toli toli-Gorontalo-Manado

6. Supporting Activities
International Big Game Fishing "KASAL CUP"
Sail Competition
Dragon Boat Competition
International Seafood Festival
Touring Trans Equator Makassar – Manado
Sandeq Race
Manado Traditional Boat Race
Beach Games & Fun Games

You will have lots of exciting activities during your holiday. You will have the opportunity enjoying exotic cuisine festivals and get involve in fun games. Holiday..diving..beach and games wow.. it's great ha..ha

So, if you decide to take part of this Sail Bunaken 2009 you have to register first,
You may register here:

Jakarta : Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia
Mina Bahari 2 Building, 17th floor
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 16
Jakarta Pusat 10110
P.O. Box 3899 JKP 10038
Phone : +6221 3519 070 Ext. 7911

Makassar : Jl. Lanto dg Pasewang No. 18 F Makassar
Telp. : +62 411 858 353, 858 363, 858 383
Fax : +62 411 831 112
e-mail : debindomks@debindo.com

Manado : Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Propinsi Sulawesi Utara Komp. Perkantoran Pertanian Kalasey
Manado - Sulawesi Utara
Telepon : +62 431 838 639
Fax : +62 431 838640


Welcome to Bunaken National Marine Park

Exotic BunakenHoneymoon is a special moment after your wedding ceremony. You should spend that moment in a place that have all the beauty. I believe most of us love beaches and sea scenery, but what if there's a place that has more than 100 dives site with 1000 reef fish species? In that place, not only you get the amazing experience of diving, but also enjoy your leisure time in a resort that provide a private beach for you only?

Welcome to Bunaken National Marine Park in North Sulawesi, IndonesExotic Bunakenia.
Bunaken is the most amazing diving site in the world. The park covers a total surface area of 89,065 hectares, 97% of which is overlain by sparkling clear, warm tropical water. You may find another diving site near Bunaken for beginner and pro like Manado Tua, Pulau Siladen and Selat Lembah. The water in Bunaken National Marine Park are extremely deep about 1560 m in Manado Bay. The temperature is about 27 C-29 C. You can fine any of under water species in Bunaken. Pick any of group of interest - corals, fish, echinoderms or sponges - and the number of families, genera or species is bound to be astonishingly high. Bunaken has about 60 genera of corals and thousand of fish species.

How to get to Bunaken? From Jakarta you may travel by air to Manado in North Sulawesi. And you have to pay the Bunaken National Marine Park Fee, is about USD 6 per daily ticket or USD 17 for the full calendar year.

You may stayExotic Bunaken in a resort like in Minahasa Lagoon - Dive & Tours Club where you may enjoy your own private beach, and many hotels and resorts in Manado. Don't hesitate to experience the cuisine, many choices of exotic seafood cuisine that have to be tested.

If you decide to visit Bunaken around August 2009, you will be experience the international event of Sail Bunaken 2009 that held on August 12-20,2009. If you fly to Bunaken around August this year you will enjoy the yacht rally, international fleet review, Bunaken expo & festival, diving competition & festival, jetski trans equator touring, sail competition, dragon boat competition, international seafood festival, Manado traditional boat race, and many more. So, come and visit.


The Exotic Indonesia

Why I keep talking about Indonesia? Because it's my country yeah.. it's obvious. I love my country and if you like to have a fantastic and not so expensive honeymoon, Indonesia is the one. It's the world's largest archipelago country, Indonesia is a transcontinental country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia has many islands- about 17,508 islands and every island has its own culture and identity. Indonesia is unique and exotic.

Exotic HoneymoonIndonesia lies in equator area, that's why it has a tropical climate about 18 C -32 C. Most of the tourists in Indonesia visit Bali. But there is much more out there. I admit not every island is as interesting and as beautiful or accessible as Bali but many of them are great. I can mention many places, like North Sumatera with their Lake Toba, Palembang in South Sumatera, Minangkabau culture in West Sumatera, Jakarta the capital city, and you have to visit West Java, Jogjakarta in Central Java, East Java, Borneo, Tanah Toraja in Sulawesi, Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, we have the Comodo Island in Flores East Nusa Tenggara, the Maluku islands, also Papua. Wheew.. see, many places with different cultures, languages, cuisine, life style and many more.

Exotic HoneymoonWhether you search for nature and wildlife, active volcanoes, ancient tribes, religious culture,
historical places or nice beaches, it can all be found in Indonesia. You may try the under water life in Bunaken to have a great experience of diving too. So, if you and your spouse decide to have an exotic and unforgetable honeymoon why not try to go to Indonesia ?

Exotic HoneymoonAnother idea to spend holiday or honeymoon in Indonesia is to explore our under water life. Indonesia has a very special under water life, like Bunaken and Raja Ampat island. Special in Raja Ampat island in Papua they have the amazing under water life. Not just the beautiful panoramic views over the sea surface but also the under water marine biota. Various species of fish in a various sizes and colors. Not to mention the coral yet. You may find hard and soft corals in diverse colors. Raja Ampat is located in western part of Papua island. If you like to give Raja Ampat a try you may travel by air. From Jakarta to Menado first, then Sorong.

I'd like to discuss the exotic destination from Indonesia in my another posts.

Visit The Exotic Lake Toba

Exotic HoneymoonLake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia. It located in North Sumatera, Indonesia. It was created by the eruption of a super volcano 75 thousand years ago. It is still surrounded by the crater edge of that volcano, and in the middle of the lake, volcanic activity created Samosir an island as big as Singapore. Lake Toba is about five hours drive from Medan, the capitol of North Sumatera province. You have two different ways to go to Lake Toba. First, via Brastagi in the Karo highland, second along the plantation route and Pematang Siantar.

Lake Toba is a very beautiful and astonishing lake, it's the most pretty place on earth I think. And if you like to spend your honeymoon on Lake Toba you could stay in a small peninsula which attached to the island. You may even experience stay with the native people of Tuk Tuk village. The air is vey cool and you may try to dive in the lake. Don't forget to bring some souvenirs back home like beautiful woodcarving in low prices.

Another destination to visit is Lawang Hill or Bukit Lawang. Bukit Lawang is a spontanious tourist area that located in Langkat, North Sumatera. About 80 kilometers from Medan and aproximately 68 kilometers NorthWest Binjai. Bukit Lawang is a part of Gunung Leuser national park. There is a rehabilitation center and conservations of Orangutan. You may join the activity to feed the Orangutan. I think it's cool activities during your honeymoon.


Try Taiwan

Yeah..why not? Try Taiwan, another beautiful place in Asia. I used to love their movies, and cuisine. But I just realize that Taiwan has a lot of exotic places to spend in your honeymoon.

Taiwan is situated off the southeast coast of the Asian continent, about 100 miles across the Taiwan Straits from mainland China. It is one of a string of East Asian islands. It lies between Japan (to the north) and the Philippines (to the south) and is an essential hub for travel to Asia.
You may visit Taiwan on January - July and avoid August through October why ? Because the thyphoon season occurs in the summer months. And try back in December it's beautiful at Christmas.

You may visit the highest building on the world in Sung-chih road Taipei,Taiwan and experience the thrilling feel when you get to the highest floor. Or maybe some traditional performance in Chinese costume ? You may try the Taipei Eye, it's a Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the three biggest traditional Chinese holidays. Taipei Eye is one of the best places in Taipei to experience Chinese performing arts at their exotic, colorful best. Situated near the old center of Taipei, on the pleasant, tree-lined boulevard that is Zhongshan North Road.

Another thing you have to try is their exotic cuisine such as the Tripod King spicy hotpot in Guangfu N Road. But if you don't like spicy taste, don't try it. It's hot and spicy. You may check another -must have try- cuisine in Taiwan from http://hungryintaipei.blogspot.com

What About Exotic Destination To Spend Your Honeymoon By Anton Winkler

If you are getting married, you know that one of the most important parts of a wedding is the preparation of the wedding ceremony. However, you also need to consider that the honeymoon is also one of the most important. Besides, the honeymoon is where you will spend a romantic getaway with your loved one. This getaway should be planned in advance to make it an unforgettable event that you and your spouse can be proud of all of your life.

You also need to consider that that honeymoon only happens once in your marriage. Of course, you can always go and plan a second or even a third honeymoon, but nothing will compare to the romance that you and your spouse will feel on your first honeymoon. This is why it is important to make your first honeymoon an unforgettable one.

On any kind of honeymoon, you have to consider that the location is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the honeymoon. You have to choose a location where both you and your beloved one can enjoy. So, if you want to fully enjoy your honeymoon, you should choose an exotic location to spend it.

You have to consider that there are quite a lot of exotic locations available in the world where you and

your spouse will definitely enjoy. It is very important that you should know where these destinations are and also be prepared to spend some cash in order for you to fully enjoy your honeymoon. However, you have to know that spending your honeymoon in an exotic location doesn't mean that you should spend a lot of money to the point that your life savings will be spent. All you need to do is know how to choose and also know how to save money.

Before you start calling your travel agent, you first need to research about the different exotic honeymoon destination available. You can take a look at travel magazines and even take a look at a bridal magazine. By dong this, you will have an idea of where you and your spouse will spend an exotic ho

neymoon vacation.

You have to consider that there are quite a lot of popular and exotic honeymoon destinations located at different parts of the world. You can

consider going to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, and even the tropical islands in South Asia to name a few exotic honeymoon destinations. In these locations, you will find great honeymoon packages with your travel agency. However, if you really want to save money, you should try and purchase a honeymoon package online. You will find that online booking can offer great discounts and offers with a lot of resorts. Another important point is that you spend time in what type of documents and papers you need. In some exotic locations you might need a special vaccination. All these preparations have to be considered when planning your honeymoon to exotic destinations. You can find these information by calling the embassies of the different locations or travel agencies or even online.

Another great way to save a lot of money is to book a flight with an economy seat. You have to consider the fact that you will mostly be sitting in the plane the entire time you go to your destination. Economy seats may not offer comfort, but it can offer great savings that you can use once you and your spouse reach your destination.

If you want a luxurious and exotic honeymoon vacation package, you can consider purchasing a honeymoon cruise package. Most cruise liners today now offer honeymoon packages with great discounts.

These are some of the things you should consider when you are planning your honeymoon vacation destination. As you can see, with planning and knowing how to find it, you can definitely have a great honeymoon in an exotic destination and prepare you in advance for unforeseeable obstacles. This way you will get an unforgettable honeymoon vacation.

Author's Name: Anton Winkler

Anton Winkler is owner of Healthcare Through Adventure Travel.com and writes on different issues about travel and healthcare. He is engaged helping people to start their own home business. Due to the problems he faced when starting his own online business he promised to himself helping newcomers to shorten their learning curve and spend only the money necessary to get started with their business.

He has a homepage at http://www.healthcarethroughadventuretravel.com and his own bookstore and training center at: http://www.therichkingpin.com/store/00125

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anton_Winkler

Some Ideas on Exotic Holidays By Aravind Ramesh

Holiday is a perfect excuse to get rid of your boring daily routine of home-office and then back to home. It is the time to spend some quality time with your family, enjoying things that would revitalise your senses. But going for exotic holidays with your family to different destinations in the world requires some careful planning.

The first thing to do is to find the right location for your exotic holiday. You can either contact some professional travel planners or use Internet to find different exotic holiday destinations. Once you choose a destination of your interest, the next step is to find the hotels available for your accommodation at that holiday destination. The quality of service at the hotel as well as its affordability has to be considered. It is always wise to have an idea about the local currency of your holiday destination and also the exchange rate.

Budgetary constraints will have a bearing on your exotic holidays. Therefore every family has to make a decision on the amount of money that they would like to spend on the holiday. There are a lot of financial institutions that give holiday loans to those who wish to go for holiday at exotic locations. These loans will help you to meet your expenses on travel, lodging, food and other bills. There are two types of holiday loans, viz. secured loan and unsecured loan. In secured loans, the borrower needs to place collateral whereas in unsecured loans there is no need of collateral. But the interest rate in secured loans is less and in unsecured loans it is on the higher side.

Once you have planned efficiently, you can set off for your exotic holidays with your family, unperturbed by any worries or qualms.

Global Travel Stourbridge provides professional advice for all who are looking to go for exotic holidays to various locations in the world.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Aravind_Ramesh


Lombok, Another Exotic Destination in Indonesia

When we decide to go to Indonesia for holiday or honeymoon, where do you like to spend your holiday? I think your first choice is Bali, right? Or maybe Jakarta. I'd like to introduce another island that has very interesting spot and view, that's Lombok. Lombok is one of the most spectacular island in Indonesia's islands. The island of Lombok is located in eastern of Bali, when you talk about Lombok it talks about its virgin beaches like Senggigi Beach, the unique and simple life of the native villager, and trully exotic cuisine. The temperature of Lombok is between 27 c-32 c (80 -90 F) specially in the west coast. The major tribe in Lombok is Sasak tribe. The major religion is Islam.

When you travel to Senggigi you will enjoy the amazing beauty of one God's creation, Senggigi beach lies in northern Bangsal is the most popular beach and is famous for its natural beauty. Senggigi is about 12 kilometers from northwest Mataram (the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province) has a very delicate white sand like a carpet and spread about 10 kilometers long. Like tempting you to sit and leave your routinity behind.

If you like to visit Senggigi from Bali, you could go to Lembar Harbour. From Lembar Harbour you could go to the beach by bus or rent a car. Or, if you travel from Jakarta by air, you could landed in Selaparang Airport of Mataram Lombok and go there by taxi. You may visit the Senggigi Resort Area, it's cool there and you have to try the Lombok cooking class tour. Your honeymoon wil bel unforgetable.

The New Adventures in Bali

There are several challenging places to visit during your precious honeymoon week in Bali. If you love watersport then you should try Tanjung Benoa Watersport. It's only 25 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport and 35 minutes from Kuta, near Nusa Dua. Tanjung Benoa has a very calm waves and you can experience a lot of watersport games such as parasailling, jetski, banana boat, scuba diving, snorkeling, flying fish and visiting the turtle island. It's fun.

Another place you should try is Ayung Bali Rafting in Ayung River. That's the best place for rafting. This river has some cascade that ready stimulate the adrenalin and challenge you. Site for the rafting itself is approximately 10 kilometers and is within 2 hours. You and your spouse can enjoy the beautiful scenery during the rafting journey. This river has a few mini waterfalls, we can take a nice picture there. And don't worry about the safety they have many instucture and guards that could guide you.

Well ..I think it's okay to have a challenging moment in our honeymoon week, but if you look for a quiet and nice spot try Ubud in Gianyar district. You can experience the beautiful native culture and learn the art. You can learn to sculp the wood in Desa Mas and learn how to make jewelry specially gold and silver in Desa Celuk.


Bali, The Paradise Island

Another exotic honeymoon and vacation destination is of course my country, Indonesia. We have thousand of islands that have their own beauty, but the one that really cool is Bali.

I've been to Bali a few times and here are places that I think it's really nice.

Kintamani, offers beautiful scenery of the lake while enjoying riding a boat on lake Batur. Enjoy the beautiful mountain and lake Batur the issue of its smoke atmosphere while having your lunch and the food..oh it's really delicious. This place is located in Bangli district.

Dreamland Beach
Dreamland Beach in the area Ungasan, Pecatu famous for its beautiful beaches and a challenging waves. Surfing mania will loves this place and I bet will be your favourite. This beach is really beautiful and it's not as crowded as Kuta beach and only 35 minutes from Kuta beach. If you like playing golf there is an 18 holes golf field near the beach it's called Bali Pecatu Resorts.

Near the Dreamland Beach about an hour from Kuta, there is a special place, specially if you like to enjoy the sunset to end your journey that day. It called Uluwatu, there you can find the beautiful Pura - the holy place for the Hindu society in Bali - on the top of the rock facing the Hindia Ocean.. it's so fascinating.
I suggest you visit this place around 5-7 pm, why? You will have unforgettable experiences, you will enjoy the beautiful sunset, watching the traditional Kecak dance, and you will be lead to Jimbaran where you can enjoy dinner beside the Jimbaran beach. And talk about dinner.. Jimbaran seafood cuisine is the best.