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Experience the Hot Events in Exotic Bunaken

exotic bunaken festivalHi guys, I have an idea for your exotic holiday or honeymoon. Especially if you love sailing or diving activity, you have to visit these events.

It call Sail Bunaken 2009 in Manado, North Sulawesi that organized by the Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affairs, Provincial Administration of North Sulawesi, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Navy Force of Indonesia, supported by the the Directorate General of Immigration and other government institutions.

Wheew..sound so official (scarry..). But it's a great experience that you and your friends or spouse could enjoy. It's exciting and fantastic, as all of you know that Bunaken is a favorite diving site in the world.

Sail Bunaken 2009 will be held in August 12-20 and has many events :

1. Yacht Rally (will be the main activities), got two kinds of route

Eastern Passage Rally,

exotic bunaken festivaloption 1 : Darwin-Saumlaki-Banda-Ambon-Ternate-Bitung-Toli toli-Mamuju-Pare-pare-
option 2 : Darwin-Ambon-Ternate-Bitung-Toli toli-Mamuju-Pare-pare-Makassar-

Western Passage Rally,
Darwin-Saumlaki-Kisar-Alor-Lembata-Maumere-Ende-Nagikeo-Labuan-Bajo-Sumbawa Barat-Mataram-Bali-Banjarmasin-Kumai-Belitung.

2. International Fleet Review (main activities)

International Fleet Review is a static parade of Warship and Tallships from Indonesia and overseas by the port, allowing visitors to come aboard the ships.
The venue will be in Bitung and Manado, North Sulawesi.
Many countries will be participating, like: United States, Australia, Netherlands, Chile, India, Italy, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, France, Russia, Spain, Portugal, and many more.

3. Bunaken Expo and Festivals

The agenda : Marine and tourism product exhibition, craft exhibition, local cultural festivals,Manado urban act, stage performance.
Venues : Mega Mas- Boulevard Street-M'Tos-Boulevard Mall-Manado Convention Center

It's awesome to enjoy the beauty of North Sulawesi local culture.

4. This is the hottest thing guys, The Diving Competition and Festivalexotic bunaken festival
This competition is held in the favourite area of diving :
Manado and Bunaken Coast Side, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The agenda : PB POSSI 2009 National Diving Competition, Underwater
Photography Contest, Clean Beach and Ocean Campaign,
and National Flag.

What are you waiting for, just set your itinerary back..and go.

5. Jetski TransEquator Touring

exotic bunaken festivalJetski Touring will take route from Makassar, South Sulawesi to Manado (distance : 1600 mil) via west coast of Sulawesi island.

This tour is going to pass 7 check point in 7 days. Each check point will takes from 3 – 6 hours to reach, with various difficulties

Open Drag Race will be held the day after Jetski Touring.
Date : August 10-19, 2009
Route : Makassar-Mamuju-Pasangkayu-Palu-Toli toli-Gorontalo-Manado

6. Supporting Activities
International Big Game Fishing "KASAL CUP"
Sail Competition
Dragon Boat Competition
International Seafood Festival
Touring Trans Equator Makassar – Manado
Sandeq Race
Manado Traditional Boat Race
Beach Games & Fun Games

You will have lots of exciting activities during your holiday. You will have the opportunity enjoying exotic cuisine festivals and get involve in fun games. Holiday..diving..beach and games wow.. it's great ha..ha

So, if you decide to take part of this Sail Bunaken 2009 you have to register first,
You may register here:

Jakarta : Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia
Mina Bahari 2 Building, 17th floor
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 16
Jakarta Pusat 10110
P.O. Box 3899 JKP 10038
Phone : +6221 3519 070 Ext. 7911

Makassar : Jl. Lanto dg Pasewang No. 18 F Makassar
Telp. : +62 411 858 353, 858 363, 858 383
Fax : +62 411 831 112
e-mail : debindomks@debindo.com

Manado : Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Propinsi Sulawesi Utara Komp. Perkantoran Pertanian Kalasey
Manado - Sulawesi Utara
Telepon : +62 431 838 639
Fax : +62 431 838640

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