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Top Five Places to Visit in Brussels Belgium

One best and unique destination for your special honeymoon is Brussels in Belgium. Brussels is a capital city of Belgium and is the de facto capital city of the European Union (EU) Brussels has a stylish architecture and vibrant culture. The vibrant atmosphere of Brussels is further enhanced by picturesque medieval streets, lively squares, beautiful boulevards, impressive monuments, spacious parks, cosy cafés, interesting restaurants and an active cultural life, but beside all those reasons, Brussels is a dream place for chocolate lover like me. I love chocolate very much and Brussels is the perfect place for the finest chocolate praline in the world.
So, why don't you take your spouse to Brussels and give her a box or couple of chocolate and make her smile.

Where to start if you'd like to go to Brussels ?

Starting from The Town Hall, Grand Place. This is the highlight of Brussels. Such an exquisite building and beautiful architecture. The town hall rises up into the sky. The decoration of the houses is most remarkable and amazing.
Nowadays the square is the focus for tourist activity in the city, and rightly so. Here you can see the most beautiful guild-houses, enjoy a beer (at probably inflated prices) at one of the cafes. In the summer concerts are organized all through the year on the square while the annual Ommegang, an historical procession, takes place at the beginning of July and the famous flower carpet, when the square is spread with begonias, happens every year. If you choose to stay in the hotel near the Town Hall you will experience the beautiful scenery during your visit there.

Second, The Brussels Maneken Pis
This statue can be thought of as the emblem of Brussels, but when you see it I think the reaction is likely to be “is that it?”, or “what is all the fuss about?” This is no Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty – it’s simply a small water fountain on a street corner, albeit a somewhat suggestive one! Nevertheless, I don’t suppose anyone can come to Brussels and not visit the Mannekin. Perhaps the attraction come from the spirit of friendship between Brussels and the other country in the world. Like last year my country, Indonesia has received an award from The Manneken Pis friendship institute in Brussel as a honorary member of the "Friends of Manneken Pis" (Order de l`honneur des Amis de Manneken Pis). The friendship is marked by the wearing of Indonesian traditional uniform by the Maneken Pis. That ceremony attracted many people and celebrate the spirit of friendship among nations in the world. That I think why most people visited the cute Maneken Pis.

Do not forget to visit Museum when you travel to Brussels, like Royal Museum of Fine Arts V-17th century. The museum has a collection of Dutch paintings from the 17th century, with portraits, landscapes and genre scenes typical of the Dutch Golden Age represented by the great names such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals, van Ruisdael, and Bakhuysen. Furthermore, as this museum is not showing exclusively "Belgian" painters, the French and Italian schools are present.
Open: 10 am to 17 pm
Closed on Mondays and on 1st January and on the 2nd Thursday in January, on 1st May, on 1st and 11th November, on 25 December.

Entrance fee: 5 euro. Reduced 3,5 euro or 2 euro.
Free on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month.

Cathédrale St Michel & Gudule: The Cathedral with two Patron Saints is the next destination in Brussels, The Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula is dedicated to two patron saints - Saint Michael the Archangle and Saint Gudula. Saint Gudula dedicated her life to the poor and sick in her home place of St. Gery's Island, her relics were brought to the Church and she was venerated for 500 years. Strangly, she lost her status in 1962 when the 2nd. Vatican Council removed her along with many other saints.But St Gudula was reinstated in 1993. The church is amazing the soaring twin towers are exceptionally striking as are the many statues and intricate details and designs on the pristine Church. It's difinetely must visit cathedral.

The last thing or at least if you just have a little time in Brussels you should spend a while to visit the Palais Royal. The Palace built by the dukes of Burgundy in the 15th century burnt down in 1731. The rests were pulled down in 1775 in order to build the Royal district.
During the reign of Willem I he connected two big houses till it was one Palace.

King Leopold I was the first Belgian King which came here to live, he was the first to live in the completely new Palace.

Since 1935 (the death of Queen Astrid), the Royal family lives in the Royal Palace of Laken this is used as the office of the King. And when the Belgium flag is on top of the Building that means that the King is in the country.

How about the place to dine ? Try Chez Leon it's fast and great food. And do not forget about chocolate, find the best chocolate shop like Pierre Marcolini in Place du Sablon and Wittamer and extraordinary chocolate shop. The family owned and run hand made chocolates and pastries. Have a great fantastic honeymoon.

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