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Planning a Romantic Honeymoon in Italy Vineyard

Planning a great and memorable honeymoon sometime make you depressed and stress :) It could happen to many couples. They're lack of ideas but it's okay it's normal. You've got a lot to think at that day, the wedding, the guests, the banquets, and many more. Not mention about honeymoon yet ha..ha..so I think You could get some help from friends, family, honeymoon planner, or search from the net. Decide the destination first, set the budget, search the tickets , decide what to carry, and the ideas (want some romantic honeymoon, wacky honeymoon, cruise, luxury, or back packer honeymoon). One idea for honeymooners is a romantic journey in Italy vineyard.

Italy has many wine products. Italian people love to have a great meal for dinner with friends and some glass of wine like Chianti. Food and wine are way of life in Italy :) you know what I mean.. Italy has been produced wine since thousand years ago. Their vineyards are fabulous. Wine is a popular drink in Italy, wine yards are everywhere. Grapes are grown everywhere in Italy. You could try the wine touring for your honeymoon. You may join the wine and food tour or just rent a car and spend several day wine touring for your own. It's so romantic. Imagine both of you visit the splendid vineyard and try some precious wine. You can learn the process of wine making or just to learn how to taste and appreciate quality wine and enjoy the awesome scenery.

There are three major wine areas in Italy. In Tuscani, Pledmont and Veneto. You have to arrange the visit in advance. You may contact the winery before visit because some winery limit the days and hours to receive the guest. First, try to visit Chianti Classico area. Private tours are more personalized and fun than those large crowds. If you are having a full day in the Tuscany countryside, spend it with a guide to see some of the wineries you may not find on your own. In this guided tour you can be guided in a full day excursion to the heart of the Chianti Classico area. Ride through the beautiful hills of Chianti area, visits 2 wineries, highly rated by influential wine publications. You will taste the wines of the winery which will typically include at least one Chianti Classico, a Riserva and an IGT Super Tuscan. If you take the private tour for up to 2 persons it's just about 200 Euro per person.

If you love Roman garden style, you have to join the Valpolicella and Amarone Wine tour. Valpolicella has the meaning of valley of many cellars.
It's the home to a series of red grapes, most of which have unclear origins and are rarely found elsewhere in Italy. Corvina, a dark-berried, thick-skinned variety, is the principal grape in red Valpolicella wines, forming the backbone of the blend with its firm tannins and rich, smokl, red-cherry scent. We'll visit celebrated vineyards where Amarone is made. Its method of production dates back to Roman times. Cost only 250 Euro per person.

Both of the vineyard are amazing and has fabulous scenery. Most of all is romantic and different. You can search another destination of vineyard touring for your convinience. Have a wonderful and memorable honeymoon.

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