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Luxury Honeymoon in Australia

What is luxury means ? According to the wiktionary, luxury means very wealthy and comfortable surroundings, something desirable but expensive, something very pleasant but not very needed in life. Well, for honeymoon, luxury means exclusive resorts, fantastic and exclusive cruises, rent your own jetplane to some exotic destinations, and many more. You know, I just found a great idea about a luxury honeymoon I mean really..really luxury, if you decide to have one. How about rent an island for your honeymoon ? Rent an island ? Are you kidding me ? Nope, I'm not kidding guys, you can rent an island, just for yourself and your spouse, of course.

Some of you maybe have heard about this, there are islands for raustraliaent and maybe you have experienced renting one. One of the best place to rent an island is Australia. Australia is a vast continent of natural beauty, from its endless horizons to tropical rain forests. Many of Australia's private islands also reflect the country's vastness. Your island abode may be modest, but it's likely your island will include acres and acres of land to explore. The majority of islands available for rent in Australia sit off the Queensland Coast – the home of the Great Barrier Reef. You may try the Haggerstone island for rent. It's a remote island, right-up on the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef that takes only two hour charter flight from Caims. About $ 3,000 a night for you and up to 5 mates. But if this is your honeymoon, it's just both of you. It's expensive of course, but it's worth it.

You will never get interrupted by the phone calls, because there are no mobile phones, no internet access, no crowd, no schedules or itineraries, no pollution, just both of you and acres..acres..of land to explore. But don't worry you're not totally alone, there are the Turner family who own the island and the staff that will catered all your need. You will enjoy the most fresh seafood and the veggie that grown only few metres out the back. If that still not enough, Mr. Turner has another exciting activity, he will take both of you on his purpose-built motor yacht for some Great Barrier Reef fishing action. You can fish your own lunch..it's fantastic. And don't forget the chance to snorkeling or scuba diving.

Maybe you think it's wasting your money, you maybe right, but if you just lucky enough to have a chance to do it, renting an island is a great adventure and one of the best thing you may do in your life. Have a great honeymoon, buddy.

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