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A Piece of Heritage

Living in Indonesia is so interesting. We have sooo..many great things. From traditional languages, traditional dances, natural resources, cool vacation spots, traditional cuisines, traditional cultures, and many traditional fabrics that really beautiful and very complicated in making. These fabrics are used to be very expensive because of their uniqueness but now the price are moderate enough. Let's find out a few of them.

UlosThose traditional fabrics or cloths are very precious and become our national heritage and identity. I'd like to share some of them, first is Ulos from our Northern Island (North Sumatera, Lake Toba). Ulos is a heritage from Batak Culture. Ulos means blanket that could bring love and warmth in the family. Traditionaly, Elders give the Ulos to their children but the children are prohibited to do the contrary. Nowadays the tradition has been changed everybody could wear Ulos, and Ulos become more industrial. Ulos become a precious souvenirs for friends, tourists, and many more.

songket palembangPalembang Songket is another traditional cloth from Sumatera Island, it's from South Sumatera (Palembang). Songket is a traditional woven cloth that used to wear in some traditional ceremonies and occasions like traditional weddings. But Palembang Songket is not the only one songket from Sumatera. There are many of them, like Minang Songket, Jambi Songket and more. Songket used to made from pure silk and high quality metallic thread.

batikBatik, now Batik become very fenomenal in Indonesia. Batik is traditional cloth from Java Island. Its name came from the word "amba" which means writing and dots.The word batik refers to the cloth with the pattern produced by the " malam " or wax that was applied on top of the cloth, so it hold the insertion of the coloring material (dye). It called the "wax-resist dyeing".They paint the pattern using a tool called canting. The smell is quite strong. Batik is a craft that has a high value of art and has become parts of the culture of Indonesia particularly from Java. If you decide to travel to Java, Indonesia you may find Batik producers in Cirebon, Pekalongan, Solo, and Yogyakarta (Central Java).

Well, those are just a few of my heritage. There are a lot of them still waiting to be revealed. Do not forget to bring them home as your souvenirs when you have time to travel to Indonesia for honeymoon or holiday. Have a wonderful day.

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