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Mystery of the Dragon Village

Have you ever visit a place that really unique, traditional, exotic, pure, balance, and innocent as your travel or holiday destination? That place may not be has a great resorts like in Carribean or Hawaii, and doesn't have the cool night life like in Seminyak or Legian, but it is so natural and peace. One thing they could offer you is just a harmony life between human and nature.
Many mysteries have covered this village. From forbidden forest to forbidden to speak on certain days.

Kampung NagaWelcome to the Dragon Village or Kampung Naga in Tasikmalaya, West Java. Where life is so pure. The native people in Kampung Naga taking care their environtment very well. Their padi-rice field are amazing. They have a strict regulation about it, such as if someone like to build a house in Kampung Naga, he has to plant a tree first. That tree is very usefull for them later. They made their own equipment, they made their own house from wood and bamboo, and they are a great architec. They build their houses in such ways that look like a dragon from far away. "Nature has given us everything," told one native man. They are very wise.They even reject the electricity that has been provided by the government. Even if there are houses that have radio or black and white TV, those are not using electricity. They are using bateries instead of electricity. They love simplycity. Reminds me of "The Little House in the Prairie".

There is a mystery in this village. The number of houses in this village are never added. The number is always the same - 110 houses - Never added. When a native man from Kampung Naga marrying a woman from outside the village, he has to move out from this village, but still making contacts with his relatives and once a year he has to come back for a traditional ceremony called Seren Tahun (it's a harvest traditional ceremony).

The native of Kampung Naga keep their forest very well. They won't give a permit to tourists or traveller to take the picture near their forest. The river is forbidden to stranger. So, why you bother go there ? You have to live there and absorbs their purify and harmony. Then you will understand their uniqueness.

People in Kampung Naga are Moslem, but they have strong belive in their traditional culture. They have many traditional ceremonies like Pedaran (reading about their fathers history) and Seren Tahun. They have a strict regulation about speaking. Days like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are forbidden to speak days especially about their village history or the culture. Just do not visit that village in those days. They will ignore the tourist or traveller. People in this village are very creative, those who love vernacular architechture will admire their skill in making souvenirs. Their handicrafts have an export quality.

How to reach this village ?
  • From Jakarta by bus to Tasikmalaya, is not far from highway between Tasikmalaya-Garut. To reach that village you have to take a path to Ciwulan River about 500 meters on feet.

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