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Lombok, Another Exotic Destination in Indonesia

When we decide to go to Indonesia for holiday or honeymoon, where do you like to spend your holiday? I think your first choice is Bali, right? Or maybe Jakarta. I'd like to introduce another island that has very interesting spot and view, that's Lombok. Lombok is one of the most spectacular island in Indonesia's islands. The island of Lombok is located in eastern of Bali, when you talk about Lombok it talks about its virgin beaches like Senggigi Beach, the unique and simple life of the native villager, and trully exotic cuisine. The temperature of Lombok is between 27 c-32 c (80 -90 F) specially in the west coast. The major tribe in Lombok is Sasak tribe. The major religion is Islam.

When you travel to Senggigi you will enjoy the amazing beauty of one God's creation, Senggigi beach lies in northern Bangsal is the most popular beach and is famous for its natural beauty. Senggigi is about 12 kilometers from northwest Mataram (the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province) has a very delicate white sand like a carpet and spread about 10 kilometers long. Like tempting you to sit and leave your routinity behind.

If you like to visit Senggigi from Bali, you could go to Lembar Harbour. From Lembar Harbour you could go to the beach by bus or rent a car. Or, if you travel from Jakarta by air, you could landed in Selaparang Airport of Mataram Lombok and go there by taxi. You may visit the Senggigi Resort Area, it's cool there and you have to try the Lombok cooking class tour. Your honeymoon wil bel unforgetable.

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