Three most Amazing Underwater Hotels

Hydropolis Need some suggestions for amazing honeymoon destination? Try visiting underwater hotels. There are at least five amazing and ...


Bali, The Paradise Island

Another exotic honeymoon and vacation destination is of course my country, Indonesia. We have thousand of islands that have their own beauty, but the one that really cool is Bali.

I've been to Bali a few times and here are places that I think it's really nice.

Kintamani, offers beautiful scenery of the lake while enjoying riding a boat on lake Batur. Enjoy the beautiful mountain and lake Batur the issue of its smoke atmosphere while having your lunch and the food..oh it's really delicious. This place is located in Bangli district.

Dreamland Beach
Dreamland Beach in the area Ungasan, Pecatu famous for its beautiful beaches and a challenging waves. Surfing mania will loves this place and I bet will be your favourite. This beach is really beautiful and it's not as crowded as Kuta beach and only 35 minutes from Kuta beach. If you like playing golf there is an 18 holes golf field near the beach it's called Bali Pecatu Resorts.

Near the Dreamland Beach about an hour from Kuta, there is a special place, specially if you like to enjoy the sunset to end your journey that day. It called Uluwatu, there you can find the beautiful Pura - the holy place for the Hindu society in Bali - on the top of the rock facing the Hindia Ocean.. it's so fascinating.
I suggest you visit this place around 5-7 pm, why? You will have unforgettable experiences, you will enjoy the beautiful sunset, watching the traditional Kecak dance, and you will be lead to Jimbaran where you can enjoy dinner beside the Jimbaran beach. And talk about dinner.. Jimbaran seafood cuisine is the best.

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