Three most Amazing Underwater Hotels

Hydropolis Need some suggestions for amazing honeymoon destination? Try visiting underwater hotels. There are at least five amazing and ...


Three most Amazing Underwater Hotels

Need some suggestions for amazing honeymoon destination? Try visiting underwater hotels. There are at least five amazing and luxurious underwater hotels in the world. 

1. Dubai Hydropolis Underwater Resort Hotel 
It's the most luxurious underwater hotel in Dubai and the world. The Hydropolis has three segments, a land station, a connecting train and the luxurious underwater hotel. The underwater hotel has a jellyfish like structure.

2. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm has the most romantic and elegant lodging anyone could ever imagine. 

3. The Subsix, Niyama, Maldives
If Dubai is too far away for you, you can still enjoy eating and have a cocktails while looking into the depths of Indian Ocean.

and enjoy high class music performance under the sea. Have fun!


Five Romantic Things to do in Jeju Island

Courtesy : Wikimedia commons
 What is it about Jeju that so fascinating and make it a favorit destination for couples?

I've seen many Korean dramas and they always had many reasons to shoot the scenes in that island. Spring and Summer in Jeju are gorgeous, beautiful and romantic at Autumn and amazing at Winter. So basically, you can always visit Jeju at any time in a year. If you are a couple, here are five romantic things to do in Jeju :

Courtesy : KBS World
1. Take a walk in countless sea of wild flowers

Jeju people are so proud with their UNESCO world heritage site but aside from that, there are many wild flowers fields ready to enjoy with your special one. It won't cost you much. Just don't forget to take some gorgeous pictures there.
Jeju in Autumn

2. Biking with your love one
If your partner can ride a bike (I can't! ha ha), you can rent bikes and explore Jeju-do together. Explore the beautiful scenery and enjoy the smell of Jeju plum or orange trees.

Jeju, Romantic Place courtesy TVN

3. Enjoy the amazing beaches of Jeju.
Jeju has many beaches. If you have plenty of time, you can explore all of them. One of the best is Hyeopjae Beach. Located on the west side of Hanrim-eup and is part of Hanrim Park.
You can check it here : http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=264170

If you love surfing or beach volleyball, Leeho Beach is the best. There is also a gorgeous and less spoilt beach in U-do island. U-do is a mini island near Jeju (North eastern shore of Jeju).

Haemultang, courtesy by Pixabay

4. Enjoy Jeju local food together
Jeju is famous with their seafood dishes. People say that tourist should try Jeonbok-juk and Saengseonhoe (Raw fish). Jeonbok-juk is an abalone porridge that full of nutrient.

Seafood are at their best in Jeju, so I think Saengseonhoe (Raw fish) is worth trying.

5. Watch sunset together
Jeju's sunset is superb and will be a perfect way to end your day.


Paris, The City of Romance

Paris incites the senses, asking to be seen, heard, touched, tasted and smelt. From romance along the Seine to landscapes on bus-sized canvases to the pick-an-ism types in cafes monologuing on the use of garlic or the finer points of Jerry Lewis, Paris is the essence of all things French.

parisIn the great local tradition of the flâneur, or considerate boulevard-stroller, Paris is a wonderful city for aimless moving about. Relaxed quarters such as the vibrant Marais, elegant St-Germain and romantic Montmartre are ideal for street-browsing, shopping and café-sitting, and the city’s lack of open space is making up for by beautiful formal gardens, by the pathways and pavements that run beside the River Seine, and by endless hidden or unexpected havens. Wherever one goes historic landmark buildings and contemporary architectural wonders reminds one of the city’s pride and grandeur.

lover in paris kbsThe lovers should bond with nature, and each other. Paris is filled with beautiful gardens, and all make an extraordinarily romantic setting. Luxembourg Gardens, in particular, is a great spot for couples, and is adjacent to the breathtaking Luxembourg Castle. French kissing is a must here. One must have seen the scene in almost every romance set in Paris - a couple embraces for a deep kiss on a bridge overlooking the Seine River. Take one’s honey to the nearest bridge, walk to the center and get smooching. Wine and dine - There are few things better to savor in Paris than a wonderful meal, accompanied by a delectable bottle of wine. One can go in anywhere in Paris to find this. Wander along the Champs Elysee until a sidewalk cafe captivates one’s attention.

Walk arm in arm. Venture to the Ile Saint Louis (near Notre Dame) for a great neighborhood for walking. The tiny island within the Seine has cute boutique shops, nice restaurants and nightclubs filled with locals. Try Berthillon which is a delicious ice cream that can only be found in this small neighborhood. Jazz it up. This is one of the best cities in the world to listen to jazz, whether it’s at a smoky hole-in-the-wall or a popular club. Hit any jazz club, snuggle, sip wine and listen to the sounds of Gay Paris.

Long famed as the city of lovers, it’s easy to see why Paris still holds interest to couples looking for a little romance. It can be walking hand in hand along the quails of the Seine, or sharing a Bertillon ice cream in the Ile St Louis or even kissing in front of the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, lovers of all ages can absorb themselves in the same romantic Parisian atmosphere that has inspired centuries of novels, paintings, photographs and films.

It is known that the best things in life are free and one of the most romantic things about Paris is the ability to walk for hours finding one’s own special corner. Certain areas lend themselves beautifully to this form of exploration, from the winding streets of the medieval Marais to the overgrown cemetery of Pere Lachaise home to Oscar Wilde, Chopin and Jim Morrison. It is certainly a City for lovers and romance.


Top Five Countries You Should Visit Before You Die

We are all have a dream before we die :) Some people have a dream to visit exotic country and island, I think the most beautiful places to visit before
we die are :

egypt1 - Egypt. King Tut, The Pyramids, The Valley of the Kings. The list is endless. But it’s just not the history and the culture, it’s the people too. Egyptians are some of the kindest and most generous people on the planet. They will welcome you into their homes in a second and even if they have almost nothing, they will share it with you. An afternoon on the Nile with an Egyptian felucca captain sailing your boat as the sun sets over the Nile in Luxor is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed.

china2 – China. China is not somewhere people immediately think of when planning a holiday…but they should, and hopefully after the Olympics in Beijing they will. Even if you could only afford 7 to 10 days, an itinerary that takes in Beijing, Xian, a Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai will be a great introduction. And for an unforgettable experience, juts visit Guilin. Guilins landscape is amazing and totally unique. It can’t necessarily be called Mountainous as such, but the peaks that do rise, rise almost vertically up into the mist. If you get a chance take a ski lift up to one of the peaks and just stare in awe at the view, and if you are feeing adventurous, take a kart down a toboggan style run (about 3,000 feet in length) !

jordan3 – Jordan. Handily located, if you plan it right you can visit Egypt and Jordan together to make a real trip to remember. Amman is a great city full of atmosphere, Petra is marvellous, but surely the can’t miss site is the Dead Sea. The only ocean in the world with so much salt in it, you actually float ! This alone makes Jordan a must see country and on top of what I have already mentioned, don’t forget the Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Jerash and the Kings Highway. A week in Jordan is good, but 10 days is better.

hongkong4 – Hong Kong. Although there is much more to Hong Kong than just shopping, if you do love to shop, then Hong Kong is the place for you. A stroll along Nathan Road and a visit to the Temple Street market just HAS to be done. And make sure you have your bargaining hat on as haggling is as big a part of the experience as the purchases themselves. There lots more to Hong Kong too. The great thing is that despite it being a modern city, there is tradition around every corner. Don’t forget to take a trip to Victoria Peak and enjoy the stunning views and remember that even if it’s misty, there are 2 guys at the top who will take your picture and transpose it onto a picture of what you should see if the weather where not so poor ! I also suggest a couple of half day visits out to Lama and Lantau Islands too. A great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the craziness that is Hong Kong.

thailand5 – Thailand. Thailand suffers a little from it’s reputation of being a very hedonistic destination and while it is true that the is a very wild side to Thaialnd (especially certain areas of Bangkok, Phucket etc) there is also an amazing culture to immerse yourself in. There really is everything there, adventure, culture and even for the not faint hearted, a place about 1 hour north of Thailand where you can go in, yes go in, with real live tigers. No cages, no chains, just you and around a dozen tigers. For me it was a thrill of a lifetime and without doubt it is just one of the many reasons that Thailand is in my top 5 of places you need to visit in the world


Five Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon is a very effective way to make a good start in your life. You and your spouse can begin by making some travel resolutions together, regardless of your time and budget restraints. Put aside those new travel habits and make some new ones! Let this be the year that your travel designs focus on fun, fantasy, and festivities! These are some ideas to spend your honeymoon week.

honeymoon idea(1) We are going to plan a real vacation. No, it doesn't have to be an around the world cruise or first class getaway (but if you can afford it, what are you waiting for?) It does have to be an honest-to-goodness vacation, though. No cell phones, no laptops. Mark the dates on the calendar and keep it like you'd keep any business appointment. The business of romantic travel, though, is a fun four and an activity that the one of you can plan for months.

(2) We are going to involve each other in the trip planning. All often, four partner gets the job for planning a trip...and that task quickly becomes a bore. Plan your trips together! Anticipation is half the fun. Visit a travel agent. Collect brochures. Buy a guidebook. Rent a video about your destination. Search the web for information.

(3) We are going to do something we have rarely done. Here you can be as mild -- or as wild -- as you dare. Go whitewater rafting. Rent a houseboat. Take a hot air balloon ride. Spend the night in a local bed and breakfast. Learn to scuba dive. Dance the whole night away under the stars. The choice is yours.

(4) We are going to take four mini-vacation every month. Whether it's for the night or for the night out, plan four tiny slice of a vacation every single month. The only rule: you must pretend you are on vacation. Book a night at a local bed and breakfast. Call your local hotel and find out their non-peak nights (in business-oriented cities, it's usually Friday and Saturday) then plan a short romantic getaway.

(5) We are going to go to at least four festival. Special events take place at about every community around the world. Whatever your interests -- from square dancing to sandcastle building -- you'll find a festival celebrating with a day or one of fun and food. If you don't have the time or budget to go far, contact area chamber of commerce or tourism offices within a day's drive of your home for their calendar of events. If you can, extend your trip into a long weekend. If you have got the time and resources, check out a quantity of the major fun festivals: Carnival, Mardi Gras, Rio's Carnivale. Don't forget your costume!


The Breathtaking Isle of Pines in New Caledonia

Where in the world New Caledonia is ? Haha.. I am sure many of you know for sure where New Caledonia is. But I just found this unbelievable breathtaking and exotic paradise from my favorite Korean series :=) yeah..I love Korean series..it's obvious. It's the hottest honeymoon destination.

new caledoniaNew Caledonia is located in the region of Melanesia in the southwest Pacific. Around the southwest Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,200 kilometres (746 mi) east of Australia and 1,500 kilometres (932 mi) northwest of New Zealand. The island nation of Vanuatu lies to the northeast. It comprises a main island (Grande Terre), the Loyalty Islands, and several smaller islands. Approximately half the size of Taiwan, it has a land area of 18,575.5 square kilometres (7,172 sq mi). The capital and largest city of the territory is Nouméa. The currency is the CFP franc. In this place you could experience the Pacific in France taste. .where Melanesian tradition blends with French sophistication. This mix of the chic yet casual, très French but ultimately Pacific comes together with peerless élan in Noumea, the cosmopolitan capital. If you could rent a helicopter to explore the New Caledonia , you may spot the island that shaped like a heart. It's a great way to express your love to your spouse.

Isle of Pines

One romantic and unforgettable destination in New Caledonia is the Isle of Pines. About eighty kilometres south-east of Noumea (14 km wide, 18 km long), Isle of Pines is a place where time seems to stand still in an idyllic setting of white beaches under swaying palms and soaring Araucaria pines. .One can get to the Isle of Pines either by air or by sea. By plane it’s just a 20 min flight from Noumea and the scenery is superb. However, the cheapest way to get to the island is by sea, with different type of boats taking you there: sailing boats, catamarans…

You have to stay at least one week to enjoy all the beauty of Isle of Pines or even longer. Isle of Pines is popular with scuba diving activity, snorkeling around the lagoon. You could see many tropical fish and coral under the transparant and sparkling water. The island is rich with animal life and is home to many unique creatures such as the Crested Gecko Rhacodactylus ciliatus and the world's largest gecko Rhacodactylus leachianus. The Isle of Pines is very accommodating, with a range of resorts and hotels to choose from to suit all budgets, and an excellent menu of restaurants to suit all tastes.

Place to visit in the Isle of Pines

Kanumera Bay and Kuto Bay
kuto bay
Both are the most beautiful beaches in the southwest Isle of Pines. Kuto Bay is located on the Isle of Pines (Ile des Pins) which lies 100 km (60 mi) west off the coast of New Caledonia main island. They just have all what you're looking from a beach, like fine white sand, sparkling water, beautiful scenery, long beach, coconut trees, and romantic scent.

Upi Bay and Oro Bay

Both have a magnificent lagoon and the natural swimming pool to the north
of the Isle of Pines.

Oumagne cave usually known as Queen cave
Situated 10 km north of Vao, Oumagne cave is another limestone cave with a beautiful entrance lined by tree ferns.
The "Queen" Hortense cave is said to be the place where the Queen of Kunie had a rest after visiting the tribes. Situated in Touété village. it has a wide and beautiful entrance.

If you love to spot the island from higher place, the N’Ga peak is the perfect place to do that. (262 metres high) – It takes about one hour to reach the top, from where you will get an amazing view over the whole island.

Baie des rouleaux or The Roller bay
The Roller bay beach is one of the few in the Isle of Pines with waves breaking over the coral. After a short walk through the bush from the northern end of Kuto beach , you will discoboys over flowerver this enchanting long white sandy beach.

Yes, it's definitely beach and beach and more beaches. So this is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon week, just take a long long walk by the beach or set the lunch table by the beach, you won't get bored.


Visiting Dubai - Pearl in UAE

Dubai grows unbelievable fast and become one of the most populous and destination in United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the seven emirates and the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. The Dubai Municipality is sometimes called Dubai city to distinguish it from the emirate.

Dubai lies directly within the Arabian Desert. However, the topography of Dubai is significantly different from that of the southern portion of the UAE in that much of Dubai's landscape is highlighted by sandy desert patterns, while gravel deserts dominate much of the southern region of the country. The sand consists mostly of crushed shell and coral and is fine, clean and white. East of the city, the salt-crusted coastal plains, known as sabkha, give way to a north-south running line of dunes. It's really like a pearl in United Arab Emirates. Dubai is well known with its magnificent architecture, world biggest reclamation, and great beaches. Visiting Dubai could start from :


jumeirah beachJumeirah is a coastal residential area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates mainly comprising low rise private dwellings. It has both expensive and large detached properties as well as more modest town houses built in a variety of architectural styles. The area is popular with expatriates working in the emirate and is familiar to many tourists visiting Dubai. Jumeirah also has beautiful beach and the residents along this beach is amazing. Jumeirah residents are the most luxurious urban area in Dubai. The special spot in Jumeirah is Jumeirah Mosque a beautiful Mosque that is open to non-Muslims for special tours to give insights into Islam. Recently, a complex named Madinat Jumeirah, or "Jumeirah City," opened. It consists of an architecturally interesting shopping mall, two luxurious five-star hotels, and a few residential areas.

Biggest Reclamation in the World

You could visit the islands that represent the world, that consist of three hundred islands that have shape like island in the world. Each island cost about USD 25-30 million, wow...

Palm islands,
The biggest artificial islandin the world. Those islands are claimed could be seen from the moon. This is an island resort that has 2000 vilas, 40 luxury hotels, shopping centers, movie theaters, and many more facilities. About 500,000 population could stay in this resort.

Dubai City Tour

Start from Mercato shopping mall, Arab Tower Hotel, Emirates Tower, Dubai World Trade Center or anybody may say it's the second Manhattan. You may visit the palace of Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Rasyid and experience the romantic of Arabian romance.

Dubai museum
The Museum is the 200 year-old restored Palace of Sheikh Saeed, which has important records of pearl diving and trading activities that went on. Al Fahidi Fort Museum is another exquisite museum in Dubai.

Dubai is a place of dream. Many astonishing buildings are built in this city and many will follow. Each building has its own speciality and cost mu
ch atlantis hotelmoney. There are Burj Al Taqa which has giant candle about 322 m, Burj Dubai building in about 800 m tall, Al Burj the building that is more taller than Burj Dubai it's about 1,200 m tall, Rose Tower the tallest hotel in the world, and many more. Not mention about Atlantis Hotel yet, the opening ceremony of this hotel are shown all over the world and you may watched the biggest firework display wow.. it's very spectacular and you will have all the choices to spend your honeymoon week.